In which I never made it to work but at least I was wearing cute shoes

So, remember how I was going to skeddadle to work yesterday?

Yeah, never happened.

I had every intention of making it to work and even dressed quasi-professionally so I’d have an excuse to wear my new Anne Klein shoes and I left the house and went to the eye doctor’s appointment where it took over an hour because apparently I have really finicky eyes that can’t see the broadside of a barn OR read the fine print and I was in an ambiguous mood and couldn’t decide if my options of 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 looked better.

And don’t get me started on why I paid $100 just to give someone my opinion on how well I see.  They’re the professionals – aren’t they supposed to tell me?

Moving on.

Turns out that my gravy train may have left the station because the doctor said that he though it was time to put me in a rigid lens and since I’d never worn anything other than soft lenses, he was going to have to help me put them in.

And by help me put them in I mean placing a solution-filled hard piece of plastic onto the end of a short stick and jabbing it square into my eyeball.


Because I kept blinking.


It was relaxing.

And in the middle of this delightful exercise,  my cell phone kept ringing off the hook and I had to excuse myself to answer the call because clearly it was urgent and, sure enough, it was poor Tommy telling me that he just couldn’t make it another minute at school.

He was feeling a little  yukky at breakfast but, you know, I’d spent the better part of the last three weeks with someone at home sick and whether or not he was ready to go back to school, I was certainly ready and that decision was clearly coming back to bite me in the butt so I told him I would get there as soon as I could.

So I headed back to pick him up, dropped him off at home and got him to bed, grabbed a bite of lunch, then headed back to school to pick up the other two, then came home, settled them in front of the tv and then took Tommy to the doctor where I learned that the last ten days of antibiotics had done absolutely nothing for him except allow his pneumonia to spread to both lungs and also gave him time to develop a double ear infection.





So I called Craig and asked him to head home early and then I spent the next four hours doing nebulizer treatments, going to the pharmacy, and then heading to the hospital to get x-rays done to see exactly what we were dealing with and got home around 8:00 and Craig said, “Hey, I like those shoes.  Did you wear them to work today?”

And I said, “Yes.  Yes, I did.”

Have a nice day.

14 responses to “In which I never made it to work but at least I was wearing cute shoes

  1. Maybe if I got dressed up and wore fancy shoes, I’d feel like I had accomplished as much as I actually did!! I’m going to try it today! So sorry about the sickness. It sounds like it really doesn’t want to leave. Good luck and hang in there. 🙂 Maybe buy another pair of cute shoes?!

  2. Cute shoes can make a bad day better : ) Hope everyone is feeling better at your house today!

  3. OMG! I am so impressed (but not surprised) he noticed the shoes! I will pray for patience for you.

  4. Those shoes are awesome!
    And seriously, could you teach those boys to all just get sick on the same day? It would be a lot more efficient.

  5. I love the antics of the CPQ!!!! I just love it. You are clever, fun, and a GREAT mom and I love you.

  6. You are my hero. I’m saying a prayer for you this morning. I think it is called for. And one for Tommy too. I’m so sorry that he is that sick. I hate dealing with chest issues. My daughter has asthma that only flares up when she gets a cold, flu, whatever. And I always feel so helpless, even with inhalers (which we usually have to rush to the emergency room to get because hers is always expired!) and nebulizers. Thinking of you today…

  7. I KNOW, I hate eye exams! I always stress that I’ll get it wrong. A. NO, B! Or maybe A…
    I hope Tommy feels better soon.

  8. Holy cow! I am so sorry! Contacts in general have got to be one of the most unnatural things in the world. What is natural about sticking something in your eye? On purpose? It’s like in basketball, trying to draw a “charge” foul. You mean you plant your feet, on purpose, in front of a (probably tall & strong) person, moving fast towards you, SO THAT THEY CAN KNOCK YOU DOWN? On purpose? Sure, you get the foul, but you just landed hard on your bottom in front of everyone, and probably lost your contact in the process. Those are the things that are in my nightmares. Praying for Tommy. And the rest of you.

  9. Hope it’s not long before everything settles down in your household. You’ll be looking forward to a less stressful life I’m sure – but the shoes are cute!

  10. I am absolutely terrible at the “this one or that one” test! Especially since the last dr I saw actually used “this or that” but it often ended up changing since her “this” was my “that” and vice versa. And now I’m stuck with way too weak lenses and more annoying squinting at signs and blurriness as I drive through the haze around me…makes you want to drive with me, right???

  11. I’m so sorry to hear that Tommy has been so sick! I had no idea that it was still going on (I read my email more than once a day, but don’t always get around to my favorite blogs…)
    I sure identify w/the whole eye exam thing, though I’ve given up on the contacts. My vision had changed 4 levels in a year when I went in May, then changed again when I went back in July; & I think it’s changed again…
    If I could possibly walk in them, I’d so love to have those shoes!!! Gorgeous!

  12. You can accomplish much in a power shoe. You go, girl! Craig liked them because you were looking down at him in them.

  13. Do you realize that in about 6 more years you will have to change the title of your blog?!!! Just a random thought….

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