Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful …..

1. That I see little bits of sunshine peeking through gray clouds.

2.  That I saw my cat carrying the dead mouse before he was able to bring it in the back door.

3.  That my DVR finally has something to record.

4.  That I remembered to serve lemonade at last night’s Bible study instead of red Kool-Aid.

5.  That I have friends who know and love me well and send me J. Jill gift cards in the mail.

6.  That the x-rays came back and Tommy’s pneumonia is not as serious as we thought.

7.  That I ran around the block this morning and my foot didn’t hurt.

8.  That I have good relationships with my sisters-in-laws.

9.  That I cleared the 1,000 unread posts from Google Reader.

10.  That I have fun plans for the weekend.

Have a nice day.

2 responses to “Thankful Thursday

  1. Ahhh…my blood pressure is coming down after reading yesterday’s post. Glad His mercies were indeed new today. And J Jill? Excuse me? Yes, please. 🙂 Send pictures of your new clothes, for our J Jill just closed down. Sad.

    My plans for the weekend include a massage. And nothing else. I’m calling that fun. xxxooo

  2. 1,000 unread posts? Oh HONEY! Glad you deleted them. Just get those suckers off your guilt list 😉

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