In which we camp

I’m not much of what you’d call a “camper.”  I very much appreciate the great outdoors but enjoy doing so from a beach chair holding a fruity umbrella drink or reading  a book in the cool evening breeze on the deck of a cabin high in the mountains.  I’m not into skeeters and snakes and being unprotected in an environment where I am NOT at the top of the food chain but the kids had been asking to go close to nature and when my friend Emily offered the use of her lake house, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to be outdoors and still be able to retreat to a real bed with sturdy walls to protect me from nefarious varmints.

And I know some of you think that because we weren’t in a tent, we didn’t camp but, people, THERE WAS NO INTERNET, do you hear?


Well, except for a very weak signal from someone’s unsecured Wi-fi but it kept going in and out and I felt a little ridiculous wandering around the property holding my iPhone up in the air trying to get two bars so I gave up after six hours fifteen minutes.

Isn’t that a pretty lake?  The boys were excited to head down there and try out their new fishing poles and it took everything in me to encourage it because as much as I’m not a camper, I’m a worse fisherman.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to cast the line into the water and reel it in but I don’t care one whit about catching anything on the hook because I’m squeamish about touching wiggly things and I end up feeling HORRIBLE that the fish can’t breathe while I stand jumping around and screaming for someone else to do something about getting them off the hook.

It’s relaxing for my companions.

ANYWAY, I did everything in my power to make sure that the boys wouldn’t catch anything by putting that optic green fake twirly bait on the line and telling them to cast in the middle of the lake instead of by the edges where the fish might actually be and for several hours that worked well.

But then Craig was a good parent and actually told them to do everything the opposite of what their mama told them….

and within minutes, JJ had caught his very first fish.

I tried to take another picture without Craig’s hand in the way but the fish wiggled mightily and JJ dropped the pole and ran.

He is his mother’s son.

And, just like that, a fisherman was born.  He only left the water to eat two bites of supper and then had to be dragged in at dark.

And the next morning?  Up at 6:30, dressed and standing by the door with his pole, begging his Daddy to go to the dock with him.  And you’ll have to imagine the delight on his face when he reeled in this three-pound catfish because when he saw those whiskers break the surface of the water, he ’bout near freaked out and ran for the hills.

And a great time was had by all –

Until I came home and found out I had a tick on my leg and reaffirmed my decision to stay inside for the rest of my life.

Have a nice day.

10 responses to “In which we camp

  1. Camping is good for 2 things: s’mores & photo ops. 🙂

  2. You make me laugh…I do not like fishing at all… I don’t like dirty hands, squishy things, water you can’t see through or waiting f-o-r-e-ve-r for a fish to bite.

    And you look downright skinny with your no-sugar self! Way to go!

  3. The tick would do it for me too. I love to camp in theory, but the nitty gritty of it gets to me too. I’m very much a girl about it all. Love your pics!

  4. A three pound catfish? Did you fillet it and fry it up for dinner? I’m guessing no? I like to camp. I don’t love everything about camping but I do love to camp.

  5. you are so stinkin’ cute

  6. You make me laugh and you don’t even curse! No Internet = roughing it for sure.

  7. don’t tell Craig, but OMG, he has gotten so gray! I hadn’t realized. You should come to our house in the WVa hills – a bass pond (with over-grown gold fish) and lots of hiking in deer infested woods. I, too, tend to stay inside and enjoy the foliage thru the windows.

  8. What a great time!
    I love the photos.
    I hate ticks.

  9. Once again, we seem to sync up. For me, roughing it means the lodge only gets ESPN and not ESPN2, and its wifi is a little slow. Of course, I married Ms. Outdoorsie who spent her childhood in various tents, duck blinds, and other amenity-challenged locations. So now I find myself shopping for tents so that the children can also enjoy these experiences. Oh joy.

  10. Just got caught up on your blog. How exciting that JJ caught his first fish! I have been hinting to the big guy in the house about going camping. I am not getting a yes…let’s go. I love camping and have not been in about…ummm…20 years!

    I am so sorry about the boys having pneumonia. I hope everyone is feeling better. So glad you had on ADORABLE shoes in the midst of going to the doctor, etc. You know….cute shoes will get you through anything. HA!

    Miss you! Enjoyed catching up with the tidbits of your life. Your blog always gives me a good laugh and encouragement.

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