There’s a new girl in town

One of the benefits of switching school tracks this year is that the boys are out the month of the North Carolina State Fair and they don’t have to fake being sick so they can go eat funnel cake in the middle of the day.   Craig was in California all of last week and partially through the weekend, so he took off Monday morning and we loaded up and headed to the fairgrounds at the crack o’ dawn to get a good parking spot and hopefully hit all the rides and games before things started getting crowded.

A lot of the rides were still closed when we got there so I dragged everyone to the exhibit halls because I am obsessed with seeing the prize cows, goats, pies, and produce and you can imagine how thrilled the kids are to walk up and down aisles oohing and aahing over the size of blue ribbon sweet potatoes .  But they humored me and I returned the favor by walking the midway which is my least favorite part of the fair because the fair is not about rides and games, people, it’s about roasted corn, polish sausage, caramel apples and cotton candy.

And maybe fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Can I get an “amen”?

We spent several hours losing playing games and I made the annual $5 contribution to the carnie college fund by losing at Ring Toss (it’s the only game I play and, no, I’ve never landed the ring on the top of the bottle in my many years of fair-going but HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL) and as we were leaving we told the boys they could pick a treat from the toy kiosk and Tommy and JJ chose inflatable swords and Travis chose….

A Hello Kitty doll.

Thank you, autism, for always keeping our lives amusing.

And you should have seen the other boys’ looks of HORROR that their brother selected a GIRL TOY and they walked eighteen feet behind us all the way to the car and made me swear that I wouldn’t post a picture of it on Facebook.

And that night as I tucked T and Hello Kitty into bed and asked him why he had selected her, he looked at me sweetly and said, “BECAUSE SHE’S CUTE.”

And I took that little hussy and put her outside because I’m not yet emotionally prepared to be replaced.

Seriously, no fair.

Have a nice day.


4 responses to “There’s a new girl in town

  1. You little Mommy Vixen, you! But seriously, you do just gotta love some fair food! And some blue ribbons…

  2. Still singing “There’s a New Girl in Town” in my head.

  3. Let’s let your boy meet my middle daughter. In Turkey, we get all your Mcd’s toy rejects (like from movies that came out 2 years ago) but we get to PICK our toy here from about 6 choices. My middle daughter always picked the monster, spider, car, weapon. Whilst the others were happily using their new Hello Kitty compact, she was making the eyes bug out in her new monster.

  4. Amen to Fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

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