Here we sit like birds in the wilderness

In the time that it has taken to update to the latest version of iTunes and iOS 5, I have…

Washed a load of laundry

Taken a shower

Dried my hair

Put a pizza in the oven for lunch

Taken a pizza out of the oven for lunch

Read about Basque separatists laying down their weapons and Gaddafi taking a fatal hit from one

Plucked my eyebrows

Cleaned the kitchen

Ate soup

Railed against the Apple gods on Twitter


Practiced deep breathing

Considered this was a first world problem

Considered it a problem, nonetheless.

Checked my email six times.

Wandered some more.

Learned Mandarin.

Okay, maybe not, just had a Mandarin orange.

Oh, and wrote my blog post.

Have a nice day.

While I wait.

And wait.

And wait…..



3 responses to “Here we sit like birds in the wilderness

  1. I.feel.ya.

  2. Found your post through my cousins ‘Mich’ and ‘Raising Rascals’. Too funny!
    I had a little time to browse – I’m waiting for my iPad to update.
    How’s that for irony!!!

  3. My husband forces that song upon my children way too often…every time he starts, “here we sit…” they groan.

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