Monday Musings

I’m sure that many wonderful, exciting things happened over the weekend but somewhere between the time I went to bed last night and the time that I sat down in front of the computer this morning, everything was erased from my memory and I have not too much to say other than “We shopped for new jeans and went to church.”

I’m sure everyone at church knows this because as the boys were piling into the car after church let out Sunday morning, I realized that the stickers, cardboard labels, and price tags were still affixed to the aforementioned pants and JJ had proudly announced to God and the entire congregation all morning that he’s an 18 Slim and shops at Sears.

And also announced that his mother could stand to pay closer attention to what her children are wearing when they head out the door. 

In my defense, I knew he was dressed and dressed is good. 

Dressed and hair brushed?  Even better.

Add socks, even if they’re mismatched, and we are GOLDEN.

We spent Sunday afternoon getting squared away for school starting this morning – doing laundry, scrounging around for pencils and paper, stopping every few minutes to moan and collapse in a heap on the couch and wail about unfairness and injustice in life, and cleaning out backpacks from three weeks ago and let me tell you that finding the soured lunchbox from September was a delightful treat.

I put them to bed an hour early and still had to wake everyone up twice this morning before they got moving but we made it to school on time and in a generally cheerful spirit and I will  now spend the rest of the day wondering if the boys will remember that they are supposed to catch the bus home this afternoon because they finally wore me down about riding the bus home and I arranged for a stop added to the route so they could do that.

And I’m hoping the bus driver remembers that he’s supposed to stop here because HEAVEN HELP HIM if he drives past the house and the kids panic.

Screaming banshees won’t have anything on the terror that ensues.

Have a nice day.



9 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. This is real life…sounds alot like mine. We get Sami’s and Ethan’s clothes mixed up. One day Steve had a pair of Ethan’s underwear in his dresser and proceeded to put them on…got a good laugh out of that 🙂 And the bus, ALL 3 of mine ride the bus and I feel your pain….I don’t like it either when they freak out!!! stresses ME out!! Susan you are very funny and I have enjoyed reading your post from time to time. I know when I come to your site that I will leave feeling happy and even moved to an emotional high. Thanks for your candid moments and transparency that you share!!!

  2. Snicker. Some people are a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. Around here, we’re a little bit geeky and a little bit OCD. 😉

    I gave the warning, along with the stink-eye that today I had BETTER see a new outfit this morning on my son, and that outfit had BETTER be clean. Oh, and I need to find new vocabulary for “wash your hair”, because evidently, standing under the shower with water streaming counts just fine. Ah…it’s coming to me: “shampoo your hair with SHAMPOO, and then rinse it out, please.”

    Thanks, Sus.

  3. Hmm…I have thought for a long time now that a year round school schedule would be the way to go. I hadn’t taken into consideration that you have to do the ‘first day of school’ routine several times a year. That part would be the pits.

  4. Laughing! I love your perspective on the daily stuff!
    Many Dorman children have ventured into the world with tags attached!
    Minnie Pearl moments.

  5. you never fail to crack me up. it’s a gift for sure, & i thank God for it. (b/c it’s not like i tend to take life too seriously every “once” in a while & forget the value of comic relief amidst the craziness . . . nope, not me.)

  6. Wait, does this mean you’re changing the name of your blog to “BusStopQueen”? I hope not, because “BSQ” doesn’t quite roll off of the tongue quite as well.

  7. better him than you!

  8. Almost every single monday I completely forget everything we did and when I sit down to blog I stare at the blinking cursor forever trying to remember! haha – I blame sleep deprivation 🙂 hope they enjoyed their bus ride!

  9. Well just recently I was sporting a new pair of jeans & feeling mighty fine in them… till I got home & my DH said something about me wearing new jeans. I was waiting for the “gee, those look great on you” when I heard, “I would have noticed they were new, but the tag on the back assured me they were.” What?! We’d been out TOGETHER & you’re just now telling me I left the size tag on there??!!!!

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