Light and Fluffy

Now that our bus problems are resolved we can resume our regularly scheduled diet of nothingness here in this little corner of the Interwebs.


With the temperatures steadily going down, the fall spirit has infused the house and I have done a bit of craftiness.

I pulled down the box of fall decorations from the attic to give the house a little pick-me-up but the box was pretty bare and that’s when I remembered throwing away boatloads of bedraggled ornamentation when we moved this summer.  At my disposal were 1) a cornucopia 2) a handful of faux flowers, and 3) clearance pumpkins from three seasons ago.


Let’s all admire the table runner.  When I came downstairs to put the cornucopia on the table, I realized it was going to scratch if there wasn’t something underneath but I didn’t have a table runner.  BUT THEN I REMEMBERED THAT I’M A SEAMSTRESS AND NOT WITHOUT SKILLS.

Please keep the snickering to a minimum.

My mother-in-law gave me some leftover upholstery material from a recent living room redo so I cut the needed length and sewed a semi-straight line and wouldn’t you know, it sorta’ came out okay and I’m feeling all sorts of happy about my reuse, reduce and recycle project.

In other news, I haven’t just been crafty about reusing decorations around the house.  I bought some repurposed cow hide the other day in the form of new leather boots.

I have to buy ankle boots what with my Russian weightlifter calves athletic build but they were cute and the “SALE” sign spoke my love language so I got a pair in brown and black and I almost bought a pair of shooties/booties/weird wedgy things with fur around the top but then I remembered the Russian (and the fact that I’m not twenty) and realized they might not be my best look.

So I bought a vest.


And then scheduled a shopping intervention.

Have a nice day.



6 responses to “Light and Fluffy

  1. Oh, how I wish I were back in NC to codependently justify shopping expenditures and attend subsequent intervention (together, of course). My Q card may soon be pulled rom my tight little fist, but at least I got to talk to Albany, yesterday.

    Re: the runner? Niiiice. And the horn of plenty is a good reminder for me to lay aside my snarky self and count my blessings. You among them, of course.

  2. The sale sign is my love language, too. Cute fall stuff!!

  3. No one does light and fluffy quite like you! It makes me happy that you sound so happy!

  4. Let’s see what you made!

  5. I like the runner! Great job!

  6. Your craftiness is inspiring! Love the table arrangement. I, too, am thankful for you.

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