Five on Friday: The Mall Edition

1.  Sometimes I have to eat the stewed okra at the Lebanese place in the food court.

2.  Sometimes you just have to say no to foot massages in public.

Though I was tempted.

Sorely, sorely tempted.

3. Sometimes I pretend to be on my cell phone when I walk by the kiosk ladies hawking hand cream because I have a hard time saying “no” and hurting their feelings.

4.  Sometimes when I’m in the department store dressing room, I’ll try on the clothes that others have left behind, if for no other reason than to break out of my own clothing rut.


Uh, that would be a “no”.

5.  Sometimes it would behoove me to read the fine print.

I saw this sweater hanging in the corner so I slipped it on and I thought it looked sorta’ cute except for the flare thingy at the bottom and when I took it off? And happened to see the tag?

Turns out it was PETITE.

And a DRESS.

Have a nice day.




8 responses to “Five on Friday: The Mall Edition

  1. Oh that last one made me laugh : ) I think the people hawking makeup/hand cream/ scrubs whatever in the mall has got to be one of the worst jobs ever. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Sometimes I wear junior dresses for tops with skinny jeans or leggings! It’s doable! And I kind of like the jacket! Maybe with a different top. And a different expression.

    I was shopping at Ross yesterday. So it was kind of like we were shopping together. Right?

  3. I think that’s perfectly acceptable as a dress.

    That’s because I have a Y chromosome.

  4. Generally I am actually on my cell phone as I walk through the mall, either finding out where someone like my daughter is so I can go meet her or talking to my best friend who lives 900 miles away…because I still want to shop with her! But if I’m not actually on my phone, I do the same thing. I have no idea what question it is all those kiosks people want to ask me, but I know I didn’t go to the mall to answer it!

  5. I like having a friend that will take a picture of herself in the dressing room.

    Last time I walked into a dressing room, I looked in the mirror and wondered when, exactly, my legs had shrunk 3 inches…and how on earth the extra flesh landed on my hips. I didn’t try on anything that day.

    Get you some go-go boots, wear the ‘dress’, and you are ready for Monday night!

  6. I can’t pass up a good Lebanese restaurant (had to make sure I spelled that word right, cuz I wouldn’t want to confuse it with another L word) either.

    I think you looked cute in that white shirt with the little sweater number. I hope you at least bought the white shirt. Very stylin.

  7. Went the mall today (I nearly never go, but I needed a caramel apple!) and I had two of your experiences. I know I rarely comment here, but I read your blog faithfully.

    As I was going through the mall, one of those lotion ladies accosted me! I am pretty good at ignoring them so I kept walking. But I went back through the mall on a different floor and that is clearly where they put the pro.

    “Would you like to try lotion?”

    “Nope. Allergic.” (In my defense, probably true!)

    “I can see from here (REALLY!!?!?!) that your nails are short and your hands are dry.”

    Umm. who asked for a hand-critique at the mall? Her pitch did her no good…I told her I liked my hands or something dumb like that and kept walking.

    And there was almost a foot massager thingie—welll, a massage chair where you put your head through the hole–right by the food court. So you could watch a person getting rubbed while you eat your hot dog on a stick.

    Good times, good times…

  8. The dress?? That’s awesome. I’m still laughing 🙂

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