Monday Musings: In which I am uncharacteristically crafty

I am blessed with a child who is curious.

His favorite book as a toddler?

Curious George.

He spilled many a glass of milk at the table when he was learning to drink, why?

Because he was more interested in observing liquid flow over the edge of the glass than ingesting it.

And once he sported a lovely red mark around his neck for a week when he was curious to see if he could tie himself to the ceiling fan, jump off the table, and spin around and around like a superhero.

By the way, that’s when I started getting curious about Xanax.

He’s always asking to play “Will it blend” or “Will it burn?” and because a) I love my Vitamix and b) I’m not sure how much replacement value we have on our fire insurance policy, we’ve tried to steer him into other arenas to satisfy his quest for knowledge and fortunately he’s developed a new interest in the culinary arts and has recently been asking to try new recipes and I’ve been more than happy to oblige.

He’s tried grocery store sushi before and liked it and this weekend he asked if we could make some at home and I told him we could and made plans to buy nori and a rolling mat so you can imagine my surprise when he said we’d need Rice Krispies and Swedish Fish for this project and then informed me that we were making candy sushi.

Well, alrighty.

So we made Rice Krispie treats and smashed them onto a jelly roll pan that had been sprayed with cooking oil –

Then trimmed it into “sheets” and layered in the gummy fish

And we all tried not to notice the shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor.

And then we rolled the Krispies over the fish and trimmed it with a knife

And then we took different colors of Fruit Roll-ups and slightly stretched them and wrapped them around our sushi rolls

And then sliced and served with chopsticks.

And there was much rejoicing.

Have a nice day.

P.S. If you’re curious about candy sushi, check out this video tutorial



5 responses to “Monday Musings: In which I am uncharacteristically crafty

  1. So cute! I too am blessed with a ‘curious’ child : ) She is the reason my hairdresser and I are best buds. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I was scared for a moment at the thought of homemade sushi, but this sounds fun and yum!

  3. You know, *I* was a curious child.

    Not to scare you or anything.

  4. Very clever!

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