In which it starts to snowball

I spent most of yesterday morning prepping food for Thursday. We’re hauling part of our Thanksgiving feast to another location and I’m not sure what my kitchen situation is going to look like so I’m trying to get as much done ahead as possible.

We’re sharing our holiday this year with special close, dear, would give my right arm for friends and we’d planned on having a stripped down, low-key event ( paper plates, a deli rotisserie chicken and some Bob Evans mashed potatoes fresh from the grocer’s refrigerated section all while sitting cross-legged on the floor wearing our stretchy pants) and that was all well and good until Craig started hyperventilating. For the record, he had originally stated that he’d be happy just munching on a deli turkey sandwich but as we’ve moved increasingly closer to the day, his idea of low-key has expanded.

A few weeks ago we moved from rotisserie chicken to smoked turkey.

Then stuffing.

Two pans, please, so there will be leftovers.

Then last week he started making rumblings about maybe it would be nice if we had some sweet potatoes with the pecan and brown sugar topping.

By Sunday, he was looking through the pantry to make sure we had the makings for green bean casserole and tossing the house for paper and pen with which to make my shopping list. “Spring for the name brand fried onions,” he declared. “Thanksgiving comes but once a year.”

On Monday morning, he called me from his business trip to Charlotte to see if I could make a chocolate pie. Oh, and maybe a pumpkin one, too. Because even though he doesn’t particularly care for pumpkin pie, he likes to have a bite just to complete the holiday. I’m thinking by the time he comes home this afternoon he’s going to add roasted chestnuts and Baked Alaska.

I’m also thinking it might be time to just say we’ll save that for Christmas.

Have a nice day.


4 responses to “In which it starts to snowball

  1. I thought I was going to pull off a low-key trip to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving this year until husband said he didn’t want to go anywhere and “What about Italian?” As much as I LOVE Italian food, I didn’t want it for Thanksgiving, so I thought I’d just do the rotisserie chicken as well. Then my daughter had a meltdown, so I’ll be buying a turkey today…along with a list of other traditional items. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I thought this was going to be about snow because we have over a foot ALREADY, and I’m starting to feel paranoid.

  3. The idea of simple is a nice one but I have found that people do not want their Thanksgiving dinner messed with. It doesn’t matter if we’re 5 or 15…I still need all the sides to make everyone happy. A happy family is important on Thanksgiving. Enjoy yours!

  4. haha 🙂 good luck!!! I say enjoy the pumpkin pie!

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