The big, giant Thanksgiving post. With pictures.

Who’s feeling proud of herself this morning for solving the network connectivity error that has kept the family off the Interwebs for the last four days???

But let’s not tell the husband because then he’ll expect me to solve all technical issues from here on out and the extent of my problem solving involves unplugging the modem and hitting ALT CTRL DEL.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It might have something to do with unfettered access to pans of cornbread dressing followed by state-sanctioned napping to the dull roar of the Lions losing yet another football game or it could have everything to do with hanging out with those you love and enjoying the blessings of another year spent together without the hassle of dealing with mounds of hermetically sealed, twisty-tied-to-death presents.

Take your pick.

About a month ago, our friends NotNed and Momologuer called to float the idea of our two families meeting up for Thanksgiving and spending time at a neutral site where we could just hang out, visit, and enjoy some time with each other.  NotNed, being a researcher extraordinaire, found a beach house for us in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, just a few miles south of Corolla and a mere 100 steps from the ocean.

Oh, it was bliss.

We arrived Wednesday night at the same time as a massive cold front and Mom of the Year here had dressed her young ‘uns in shorts and t-shirts because, you know, we were going to THE BEACH even though it was November and we all froze our patooties off until we could get inside and dig through the suitcases for something a little more appropriate.

My friend Momologuer, on the other hand, came prepared.

She ALWAYS has everything we need for any occasion.

In this instance, it was a kite and designer Wellingtons.

And this is why I love her.

The children seemed oblivious to the cold and spent a few hours every day on the beach, building sandcastles, playing IN THE WATER, and generally catching pneumonia.

They also spent time testing the operational capacity of the elevator in the house.

Hours of fun.

And the adults?  Well, let’s just say that someone had to consume the food we brought for an army.

Except for the pie that I dropped after spending an hour baking it.

There was lots of napping –

And more eating….

And more reclining….

And more eating….

Peanut butter glazed with chocolate drizzle.

And all too soon, our idyllic time in the fifty-degree weather sun came to an end.

But not before Craig stopped at 7-Eleven and picked up the tubular meat product from the rolling tray under the heat lamp.

And it was the best Thanksgiving ever.

Have a nice day.

P.S. For NotNed’s version of the trip, go here.


5 responses to “The big, giant Thanksgiving post. With pictures.

  1. Thank you for sharing, and including the link. Your boys are sooo big and wonderful. Happy Advent!

  2. OK, we discussed to posting of unvetted, unflattering pictures, did we not? Haven’t you ever heard of mutually assured destruction?

    And I’m extremely happy we didn’t have to ride back in your van with MrCPQ and that “food” from 7-11. Especially about an hour after consumption.

    All that aside, we definitely agree on one thing.

    Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

  3. No wonder you love Thanksgiving, with memories like that!
    (Did I spell Memories right?)

  4. One of my favorite places! Looks like a good time was had by all. Congrats on fixing your tech problems….that is impressive.

  5. One of my favorite moments was while knitting in front of the cozy fireplace late one evening at the beach house with all four adults watching TV and realizing that I was the only one awake.

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