Tuesday Tidbits

1. If I don’t get presents wrapped and to the UPS store, it will be the year without a Santa Claus for my family in Oklahoma.  The silly thing is, I’ve had the presents purchased for WEEKS, and yet?

Have done nothing about it.

The last minute.  Accomplishing great and mighty things for Susan since the beginning of time.

2.  I’ve been treating my spleen qi deficiency with boatloads of warm food such as cookies fresh out of the oven, warm pound cake, toasted pannetone, and spicy sausage balls.

I don’t know about my spleen, but my thighs are certainly thanking me.

3.  I’ve been all sorts of worrying about our Christmas light display.  This is our first year in the neighborhood and I’m not sure what the rules or societal norms are regarding bright and shiny things.  It is our general practice to leave our lights on all night because I don’t like to go out in the cold to turn them off to share the joy and wonder of Christmas to all who would behold them and many of our neighbors in our old ‘hood did the same but I don’t see a ton of outdoor lights in our new place which tells me either we’re surrounded by boatloads of people who play on another faith team or we’ve become THOSE people that others can now talk about at the next block party.

Just in case, I turned the outside lights off early this morning but I want everyone on the street to know that WE ARE ABLAZE ON THE INSIDE.

4.  I have been married for fifteen years and yet still can’t remember what foods Craig likes and doesn’t like. Last week I fixed a ham knowing full well he didn’t care for ham and this week I made a pot of beans and cornbread for dinner with that nagging little feeling that he might not be too skippy about it.  Turns out I was wrong on both counts.

How does that happen?  And why did I fix them in the first place even though I thought he didn’t like them? 

These are questions that keep me up at night.

5.  Speaking of things that keep us awake, I frightened my husband out of a good night’s sleep.  I’ve been wearing a lot of gray lately and needed a good bright lipstick to brighten things up a bit.  Late in the afternoon I applied one of those Outlast lipsticks in a flame red shade and it was still in full shellacked force by the time we were turning in for the night.  I tried to remove it with my regular face cleanser but it wasn’t budging so when I crawled into bed, I had a pale, pale makeup-less face and ridiculously bright red lips.  Craig was reading and didn’t notice until he turned to kiss me goodnight and literally YELPED when he saw me.  He made me sleep facing the wall because, as he put it, it was like being in bed with the bride of Chucky.

Love, honor, and cherish.

‘Til death or lipstick do us part.

Have a nice day.



15 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. We turn out lights out when we go to bed but I have no problem with the neighbors who leave theirs on. I’m with you on the gifts. I like to say I work best under pressure. Good luck at the UPS store…I’m sure there won’t be anyone else there doing the same thing : )

  2. I’m working, wrapping and mailing today under pressure as well. And the outside of the house is dark, thanks to timers 🙂 I say you go out today and buy a cheap veil and wear it to bed tonight with your red lips! heehee!

  3. We use outdoor timers for our lights. Best seasonal purchase!

  4. We in the neighborhood think you must have money to burn and that is why you leave your lights on all night long.
    We do, however appreciate the lovely glow your lights give off in our cul-de-sac – so burn on little lights, burn on!

  5. I am now scarred for life from that picture!!! But the story is pretty funny! I thought about you yesterday when I saw a blog post with both colored and white lights on the tree. And it didn’t even look colored!

  6. We also have a timer for the outdoor lights. I will also go ahead and tell you we have a timer in each room of the house that has those window candles so that I don’t have to run around every night and turn them on and then off again.

    So you are saying the lipstick is longlasting?

  7. Dang it. Now I’m gonna have nightmares!

    And, we are THAT family this year. It’s spectacular. The kids LOVE it, and that is all that matters.

  8. We are so THAT family that you’ll smell melting plastic from the light switch to the front yard lights. (My son got a little crazy with the strings and strings (and strings) of multi-colored bulbs!) Yeah, it’s tacky…but the kids love it.

    Gonna be a long time before the ‘chucky-ette’ picture gets out of my head…

    Thank you for your sweet words on Sunday. Meant THE.WORLD. to me! ❤

  9. i just laughed so so hard at your lipstick story. Although that picture gives me the heebies . . .

    also, can you email me your address? 🙂

  10. Well that made me laugh!
    And I don’t mean to put things off to the last minute, it’s just that the last minute keeps creeping up on me.

  11. I thought you were going to say something about waking up to finding your pillow looking like you’d been attacked….but that lipstick story is hilarious!
    I’m all about my Christmas light timer. It has a light sensor for the “turning on” and then I just dial the timer to how many hours I want them to stay on.

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