Chile today, hot tamale

I have sixteen pounds of corn masa and two 9×13 pans of shredded beef in my fridge right now. I’m waiting for Kellie to show up and we are going to make tamales.

I tried to type that last sentence with lots of confidence and without cracking up.

My last attempt was a complete and utter fiasco.

Wish me luck.

Have a nice day.

9 responses to “Chile today, hot tamale

  1. wishing you luck………..

  2. I wish you well….however I am confident that whatever happens, we will get a great blog read out of it! 😉 Merry Christmas, Susan!

  3. Have fun! 11 dozen? Are we feeding a small country? Or do these fall under the “freezes beautifully” section of your cookbook?

  4. So, what time is dinner? Have I mentioned my love of tamales and my desire to learn how to make them?

  5. When is dinner?
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Eleven dozen ANYTHING wins an award in my book. In my family we call that a “good tired” when you have a huge sense of accomplishment after a big project.

  7. if I started a list today of all the reasons I wish I were your neighbor, I would still be writing this time next year. Of course, the 11 dozen tamales might be listed a few times.

    oh, and all the facetime with Kellie-the-amazing.

  8. Oh, yum! I love tamales. I wish you success. I’ll never forget trying to make them by myself years ago. What a fool I was!

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