Monday Musings

Oh, look.  A blog post.  This must mean that the children started back to school today and I can actually get into the office and sit at my computer for more than six seconds without having someone hover over my shoulder and say “It’s my turn now, Mom.”

And, yes, I did get a dedicated computer three weeks ago and that’s how long it took me to figure out how to offload our vacation and Christmas pictures onto it and I still haven’t figured out how to attach an  iPhoto picture into a blog post because apparently technology hates me.  So in the meantime, I’m back on the germ-infested kids computer because it accepts my commands and we’ll talk about the three pictures I took this week that I can upload without any problem.

1.  Much to my husband’s chagrin, I chopped off my hair.

Also to his and yours, I’m sure great dismay, I wore no makeup and didn’t shower all weekend either.


2.  The reason I was in a general unkempt state was because two-thirds of my offspring were at a snow-tubing event with their youth group and I took advantage of them being out of the house to go into their rooms and toss all their junk re-organize their closets and do some deep cleaning and it took me FIVE HOURS just to get the upstairs presentable after which I collapsed on the couch and declared that no one was ever going to be allowed in their bedrooms again.

I think Travis enjoyed being an only child for the weekend. To assuage our own guilt at his not being able to go on the trip, we gave him a little folding money to spend at Walmart and he took full advantage of our weakened state.

And since Craig was feeling a little spendy, I took the liberty of picking up some new pillows for the living room.

3.  And then I spent way too much time getting caught up on back episodes of Downton Abbey and if you have not been watching this show we cannot be friends.

I may or may not be in love with Matthew Crawley.

And don’t even get me started on Mr. Bates.


Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. I like your haircut! Started watching last night. Trying to devise a way to hold teething baby, knit, drink coffee & watch at the same time.

  2. Tina Henoch Burrows

    Can you email me how to watch those episodes? Did you just go to pbs online? I missed them and I want to watch.

  3. I just discovered what Downtown Abbey is. I think I will have to watch it. A small price to pay for a friend 🙂 I’m trying to clean out my little boy’s bedroom. His room is full of little things like legos, bakugun, pokemon, but all he really plays in the house is hunting wii games. And he likes to collect all sorts of junk and “display” it on his dresser, which drives me batty! I think I will box it up (as in sweep my arm across his dresser) and see if he notices!

  4. Get behind me, Susan! I saw Crawley (and Bates!), first!!! Doug and I discovered all that was Downton over our long winter’s snopocalypse–we caught up on the first season via Netflix in about 2 days (embarrassing), and now are Downton Achievers. Why, oh WHY does it just air once per week?!!Glad you and Mr. T got some only child time. But Walmart? Did I read that correctly?

  5. Also, if you have a smartphone, download the PBS app and you can watch back episodes. I saw all of Season 1 on my tiny phone screen. And I may or may not have been the idiot walking around holding my phone up in the air searching for bars of service when I lost signal at a critical moment.


  6. Also, it you’re a UK based blog reader (THAT MEANS YOU, SWIRLYPEPPERS), no spoiling! Season 2 just started for us and I want to drag it out 🙂

  7. Love the pillows and Mathew Crawley!

  8. Ditto, Momologuer. And if Matthew and Mary don’t end up together, I’m not going to renew my membership in the local PBS station. That’ll teach’em.

  9. Girl I cleaned out my kids rooms this weekend too. I threw out 3 1/2 bags of trash. FULL bags of TRASH between the 2 rooms. I’m pretty sure my 7 year old will be on Hoarders one day. I wish I was kidding.

  10. OK I don’t belong here…no idea what Downtown Abby (she says as she ducks) I’ll do some research and be back later.

    Love the haircut well what I can see of it under that hat.

  11. Wayne just discovered Downton Abby. I had to quit cold turkey because I was waaaaaaay too involved with the story line. Bates!!

  12. I am watching, so we can forever be friends! In fact, me and my daughter are watching last night’s episode tonight and eating Pioneer Woman’s Mother/Daughter Pantry Pasta from Saturday’s Pioneer Woman cooking show. Are our lives ruled by the TV or what!?

  13. Cute, sassy haircut! I’ve never heard of this series. Will my teen daughters like it?

  14. i thought you got your haircut!!! cute 🙂

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