The cost of discipleship

An item in my Twitter feed has reduced me to tears this morning.  It’s from my friend Janet.

Missionary’s dad is dying. He wrote a final letter to his dad (on generator power) and Brian is taking it to Rex to read to dad.  Please pray.

Somewhere in a distant land, someone who has obeyed the call to “go ye therefore” can’t be with a dying parent. As a missionary kid, I can tell you that it is a scenario that is not uncommon but it doesn’t lessen the pain one bit when it happens and my tears overflow this morning at the cost of discipleship.

And yet my soul sings praise because as someone weeps in a distant land, another obeys the call to “go ye therefore” and heads to a hospital to sit bedside and bring the love of God and the love of a son to a dying man.  And that, my friends, is one of the most beautiful pictures of the body of Christ I have ever seen.

Jesus, be near.

Oh, be very near.



6 responses to “The cost of discipleship

  1. Praying for comfort and peace.

  2. How much time does he have left? I wonder if we could raise the money to fly him home to be with his dad before he dies…if there is enough time. We would help!

  3. oh wow . . . we got the prayer req. from our missionary friends 3 days ago, but hadn’t heard any more since. so thank you so much for sharing. my heart is breaking for these precious, precious friends of ours. and it wasn’t too long ago that he was here saying goodbye to his mom . . .

  4. thank you for sharing!! it certainly touched my heart this afternoon…

  5. Sherri, I’d love to help. Really let me know if money is being raised. I can’t imagine not being with my dad.

  6. I fear this. Will I make it home “in time” when “it is time”? But God always reminds me, when I worry, of when my first daughter was born. My mom had only 1 week off of school, Spring Break, to see her first grandbaby. My daughter was born 1 week early. Mom and Dad flew in the DAY she came home from the hospital. I realize that does not mean that God will necessarily get me home when it is time, but it always reminds me that He does care about timing and will do what is best.

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