Five on Friday

1.  Five foods that will grace our Super Bowl snack table: queso, crab cake sliders, wings, sub sandwiches, and a baked cream cheese-based dip that has yet to be decided.

2.  Five bright spots in my week:  a walk with my neighbor, laughter-filled conversations with Craig,  sitting outside in the sun drinking coffee with Kellie, starting a new sewing project that has no sleeves, and pimento cheese.

3.  Five things I picked up in the living room while cleaning:  socks, Legos, Nerf darts, earbuds, and a Pikachu plush toy.

4.  Five things I need to pick up at the grocery store:  Potato chips, tortilla chips, pita chips, Velveeta, and a 9-volt battery for my bathroom scale.

5.  Five things I’m looking forward to this weekend:  having a friend over this afternoon, eating pizza from a new restaurant that just opened near my house, sleeping in Saturday morning, browsing for fun spring clothes at Target, and snacking on Sunday afternoon because it’s lettuce and water on Monday.

Have a nice day.


6 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Amen to everything, except pimento cheese spread. How can we be friends?

    Ned and I are racing to see who posts first.

  2. I wish I was watching the Super Bowl at your house : )

  3. I think you, momologuer, and imnotned could make a lot of money with a comedy routine…

    Talk to me about the crab cake sliders…they sound delish!

  4. Have lost 19 since the summer. 🙂

  5. What is pimento cheese? I’m a little afraid of it.

    I too loved our little coffee date and the quick jaunt to the crafting store. Looking forward to doing it again soon!

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