Monday Musings

I didn’t blog last week.  I was having a little existential crisis and needed some time to think, be quiet and have some alone time.  Sometimes the blogging thing gets to feeling narcissistic and I go back and forth trying to figure out the right balance between writing about my life and sharing my thoughts and yet avoiding the ME, ME, ME aspect.

And then my mom called and said, “WHERE ARE YOU??? and I laughed and realized that blogging is a cheap and easy way to give her peace of mind that her daughter is alive and well and so here you have me again.

You didn’t miss much last week other than a less-than-pleasant manager at work who had been calling the wrong phone number for three months trying to get me and then sending me a not very nice email about it.  Somehow it was my fault he’d dialed the wrong number and because I’m a pleaser and try to be conscientious about doing my job well, I took it all sorts of personally and spent three days trying to make sure he was happy.  And then to celebrate getting him taken care of, I went to a dentist appointment at 7 in the morning on Thursday.

And, yes, I went shopping afterwards.

Because nothing says “Congratulations for not coming unglued in the dental chair” like an Ellen Tracy sundress at 80% off. 

The week wasn’t all doom and gloom, though.  The highlight was attending our first Special Olympics competition and watching Travis compete in basketball.  I knew it was going to be an emotional day for him but I wasn’t prepared for my own little misty moment when I walked to the door of the rec center and read the Athlete’s Oath on the banner.

The gym was crowded with teams from almost twenty schools in the county and I was a little worried about the noise level bothering Travis.

Clearly, he was agitated and not at all enjoying himself.

He was placed in a group of boys that had similar mobility issues and developmental delays and they competed in three events designed to test their passing accuracy, dribbling, and shooting skills and somewhere on Craig’s camera at work we have pictures and video but all you really need to know is that when the whistle blew he turned into the fiercest, most determined kid I’ve ever seen and wouldn’t you know, he won a ribbon for third place and I think he should have gotten second but the ref gave a little leeway to another kid who was a little more severely involved than Travis and who am I to get wrapped around the axle about that.

Oh, there was much yelling and clapping and high-fives and smiles and maybe a tear or six.  It was refreshing and encouraging to be in an environment that said “Yes, I can” and celebrated the joy of achievement on whatever scale possible.

So I leave you today with four little things that have stuck with me since last week and I hope will stay in my head for many weeks to come:

Get in the game.


Be brave.

And most of all, celebrate.

Have a nice day.

17 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Wonderful! You inspire me. As does Travis.

  2. That first picture of Travis agitated and not enjoying himself at all might get the “THIS is the happiest person I have ever seen” award. Awesome!! I love it!

  3. And, you’d think before 3 weeks had gone by, Goober might have checked the phone directory.

  4. Congrats Travis!!! Good job dude. (Wish I could get my son involved in special olympics but he pretty much abhors sports so that’s a no-go in my house).

  5. Congratulations Travis!

  6. I went to a Special Olympics basketball game (high school level) a couple of weeks ago and had the Best Time!! They really know how to encourage and support and have fun. Glad Travis and you had a great time. It is great to see how sports can really bring out the spirit in everyone.
    And I also enjoy keeping up with you via your blog. It may seem very me, me, me to you, but to us it is very inspiring, uplifting, funny, happy you, you, you. With your writing skills even your bad days are a source of encouragement and/or a source of prayer concerns. So welcome back.

  7. Go Travis. Mom and Dad rock too. I’m inspired by your parenting. You call it narcissicsm, but I call it journaling…with friends. It’s keeping me in touch too so keep the stories coming.

  8. Love. High fives all around!

  9. Thx for the wonderful encouragement. I had a rough day w my special kids yesterday and I was really blessed to read Travis’ success.
    Congrats to him and thx for sharing~ keep writing!

  10. I wonder if you know how you bless others by having that son of yours and sharing about him? I feel like having a big ol’ cry right now. And just so you know….even if you feel your blog is all about ‘me me me’ the picture that got me the most is the one of your husband bending down to your son. You really need to frame it.

  11. Go, Travis! Good job!!!

  12. Great job, Travis!!! Love the pictures, love the encouragement, love the joy.

  13. Loved all of this. Congrats to Travis! You da man!

  14. Well Done, Travis! Way to Go!

  15. Love that! Congrats to Travis!

  16. Love. Sitting here in the orthodontist office with eyes brimming. Culdnt be prouder for all of you.

  17. oh i’m so glad i checked here to see the REST of the fantastic pictures! wow, what a moment to behold, friend. you know, i’ve been meaning to tell you that when you posted the “clearly not enjoying himself one bit” pic on FB, my heart so connected with him b/c of a victory that the Lord gave me just days prior. and travis’ smile was EXACTLY how i was feeling.

    i know that his game of life is very different from mine with daily innings that i don’t have to face — AND that he is a far, FAR better sport than me! (oh yeah, 1st place gold medal guy — for SURE!) regardless, my recent victory was an experience where i stayed in the game, tried, sought to muster up some braveness, & am now celebrating what great things He has done in my heart & mind. (that’s the short version; you know where to find the long version.) 😉

    and on a just-as-spiritual note, i just gotta say that his eyes drew me in so much in these pics. hand-SOME! and that last picture? it needs to be enlarged & framed. hung right next to his ribbon.

    way. to. GOOOOO!!! travis!!!

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