Jack Sprat could eat no fat

I feel kinda’ sorry for guys on Valentine’s Day.  Especially this one who spent it locked in the bathroom while his girlfriend threatened to kill him because he hadn’t bought her a gift.  Lighten up, chickie!


Fifteen years of marriage have taught me that you can’t force sentiment when Hallmark tells you to and so we take a very laid back approach to the occasion and keep it low-key.  The kids get a card and a small box of chocolates (it’s one of two days a year they’re allowed to have candy for breakfast), we usually have a nice meal at home so that everyone’s included and we’re not rushed through service at a restaurant, a card exchange between the spouses, and we call it a day.

This year we took advantage of the fact that Craig was in town for Valentine’s Day and met for lunch at our favorite little sushi place.

I’m getting a little more adventurous with what I eat so we ordered a couple of new things that were tasty right up to the point I pulled bones out of my mouth in the eel roll and it kinda really super duper heebie jeebied me out because I had tried to live in denial that I was eating a snake-like fish until that moment and it all came rushing in that it was real and used to be living and now I think I’m going to have to be vegetarian or just not eat sushi for a long time because I’m still a little gaggy from the experience.

It was not unlike the time I had escargot for the first time and I was doing well until someone said “Not bad for a snail, huh?” and then my throat closed and I literally could not swallow it for fear of heaving at the table and I had to discreetly empty the contents of my mouth into my napkin.


Sensing the need to redeem the experience, we hightailed it out of there and went to YoPop for dessert where he had the pistachio and strawberry cheesecake combo and I had my usual tart vanilla topped with mango, honey, and coconut.

Five seconds later….

That evening we ate dinner in the REAL dining room and used cloth napkins and the fancy red goblets reserved for special occasions because they have to be hand washed break easily and the boys were extra cheerful because they had received money in their Valentine’s cards from their grandparents which has now forever elevated them to hero status and relegated Craig and I to chump change because all we did was write “I love you” in the ones we gave them.

We had steak frites, yeast rolls, and no vegetables because it was my way of showing love to grant a one-meal reprieve to my vegetable-hating children and then had more chocolate for dessert.

And in between the five of them, they licked the platter clean.

Have a nice day.



3 responses to “Jack Sprat could eat no fat

  1. Sounds delightful! And what I love about your delicious sushi rolls is they look to mayo-less… a plus even in the face of eel bone.

    uh, well, may be not.


  2. The Eel Roll Bones would make a great band name.

  3. ok the Yopop almost didn’t even look yummy after talking about snakes and snails. really ewww.
    I love how not serving a vegetable equals love. 🙂

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