5 on Friday

1. I am on the train in the ATL airport.
2. My flight was delayed leaving Raleigh.
3. Our next flight is boarding as I type.
4. That would be the flight to a tropical island that I really, really want to be on.
5. I hope we make it.

Have a nice day.

5 responses to “5 on Friday

    • Crud, I messed up the reference. Should have said “Go, OJ! Go!”

      That’ll teach me to google first, post second.

      Although I guess my first quote is a little more apropos, given more recent historical context.

  1. I ran in wedges! If you have to run, do it in style.

    We made it!

  2. Soak in the warm tropical air, drinks with colorful umbrellas, and the absence of chores/errands.

  3. YAY! Have fun!!! Any chance someone got a video of the wedges sprint?? 😀

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