Vacation, Part Deux

Bright and early the next morning Craig and I were down at water’s edge looking for breakfast.  I would love to say we were the first ones up but there were already folks returning from their 6 a.m. yoga class joining us.

And why anyone would take vacation time to go exercise is beyond me. 

That’s what the other 51 weeks of the year are for.

We helped ourselves to the buffet and I was totally guilted by all the exercisey yoga  people into getting something healthy.

Craig decided to do a “when in Rome” sort of thing and joined all the other Brits in getting the full English and I tried not to be gaggy at the thought of eating baked beans for breakfast.

And to my British friends (Hi, Sue! Hi, Nithya!), I don’t know how you do it.

While we were eating, I saw a guy walk by in a Razorback t-shirt and YES I DID CALL THE HOGS in the middle of the restaurant.  He made a beeline for our table and looked positively relieved to see us. He said he’d been there all week and we were the first Americans he’d talked to.  Bless his heart, I think he was a little homesick for a Southern accent and something other than a cucumber sandwich.

Which I had.

And decided it was tasty but could stand a little ham and some Miracle Whip.

After breakfast I headed up to the spa area for a massage (the resort offers complimentary spa treatments daily during your stay and they are fantastic) and after hiking 57 steps straight up the side of the hill, I was rewarded with a beautiful view.

The treatment rooms at the spa open to a courtyard and there were several meditation pools and lounging areas to sit and be still.  My treatment the first morning was a coconut oil back and scalp massage that was administered in an open air gazebo overlooking the pool.

I kept having this feeling that I’d seen this gazebo before and mentioned it in an off-handed manner to my therapist and turns out, it made sense that I recognized it because it was where Jake and Vienna had their romantic dinner for the season finale of The Bachelor.



I felt like I needed to do a cleansing ceremony.

Still bitter about his choice.

And still singing the song.

After my treatment, I left the spa feeling as relaxed as you can be having received a chair massage in the open air without wearing a top and went down to the beach to grab a chair and put up the little red flag for a cold beverage and got down to some serious suntanning.

I mean, as serious as you can be with eighteen thousand layers of sunblock and the umbrellas positioned over you so you don’t get fried.

And that’s all I did for the entire time we were there.

I sat in the chair.

I soaked up some sun.

I napped.

And watched Craig nap.

Watched a sunset.

And got up the next day and did it all over again.

And all too soon, our vacation drew to a close.

More tomorrow….

Have a nice day.


8 responses to “Vacation, Part Deux

  1. Complimentary spa treatments daily? I have never been more jealous. Or at least I thought that until I read about an entire week of sleeping in the sun. Sigh.

    I’m so glad you had a fun, beautiful week 🙂

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. Boy, could I go for a massage about now.

  3. it all sounds do awesome… but, a massage, in the open air, without a top??? 😉

  4. Beautiful! So glad you got some rest…and sun…and massages…and photos!

  5. Sounds fabulous!

  6. Ahhh! I just had a mini vacation reading your post!
    Thanks for the memories!

  7. How do I love that you called the Hogs?! Sounds like a FABULOUS time. Glad you are back and making us jealous with those specatular photos!

  8. I just had to mop up all of the slobber that drooled out of my mouth over these vacation pictures (although NOT over the cucumber sandwich or the baked beans for breakfast!). It looks like it was heaven on earth.

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