Five on Friday

1.  My parents are arriving today for a visit and I could not be happier, happier, happier.

I don’t know what we’re going to do but just knowing Mom’s going to make me a chocolate pie and some potato salad and please, please, please help me catch up on laundry is enough for me.

2.  I love following people on Pinterest and stealing all their ideas but have I made a single recipe or crafted one tiny project?

That would be a “No”.

Though the Samoa Bundt Cake is a strong contender.

3.  I was listening to music yesterday while cleaning house (see #1) and after a while started wondering why I was having the urge to light the fire and hang the stockings from the mantle.  As it turns out, I typed “ChristMAS” instead of “ChristIAN” in the Pandora search engine.

I’m glad it only took me two hours to figure out.

4.  Earlier this week I mentioned consuming therapeutic doses of red curry.  You only think I was joking.

I was not.

I am obsessed with it right now much like I was obsessed with the Big Fish sandwich from Burger King when I was pregnant and the answer to your next question is “no”.  I woke up thinking about the Big Fish, my nose pressed against the restaurant window waiting for 10:31 when they switched to the lunch menu, and were it not for being hospitalized at my 18th week, my husband would have scheduled an intervention to get me to stop eating it.

Oh, why can’t I get this way about lettuce salad with non-fat dressing?

5.  Speaking of Craig, I made his hair hurt on Wednesday when we were in the McDonald’s drive-thru grabbing a coke for Travis and him after the doctor’s appointment.  I was driving so I placed the order and reached for my wallet to pull out a $5 bill to pay for their drinks .  Craig pointed to the sign that says “We thank you for using your debit or credit card” and said just to give him my card.  And I told him it annoys me every time I see that sign because much like my children I don’t like being told what to do and so I deliberately use cash just to prove a point.

“I’m stickin’ it to the man! Power to the people!”,  I said in an understated and not at all dramatic sort of way.

And then there was a big pause and he said that explained a whole lot of things.

Have a nice day.




6 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my bundt! I do a Friday list too! Check it out here Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Always the contrarian, I shall now give you the virtual fist shake in the air for linking to that bundt cake recipe. K cannot resist Girl Scout Samoas. I’m fairly confident that she will endeavor to make this. And looking at the ingredients, I don’t see much that is either lean or green.

    Say hi to Mom and Dad!

  3. #3 explains your patience with me, and why we’re friends.
    #5 would make my son proud to know you.
    You and Craig? Match made in heaven.

  4. ‘Stickin’ to the man’…I’m all about that..except I can’t seem to keep cash in my wallet.. (my son has inherited this genetic disposition).

    I’ve tried several recipes from Pinterest..all have been wonderful! Gonna try one of the quinoa ones this weekend. Or maybe we’ll just go to McD’s and pay cash. 😉

  5. I guess I missed this post, but that part about you sticking it to the man made me laugh. Out loud.

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