Tuesday Tidbits

My parents are here and we are talking, shopping, getting home projects done and eating chocolate pie.

The pie, people.  They’ll serve it in Heaven.  

We’ve not done a bunch of sight-seeing this trip. It seems a bit sadistic to ask them to get in a car and drive around North Carolina after they spent the better part of two days in a car getting here.  We’ve been puttering around town instead.  Yesterday Mom and I went to TJ Maxx and HomeGoods and did some accessory shopping in an attempt to brighten up the shelves in the living room and when we didn’t quite find what we were looking for, we consoled ourselves with a little shoe shopping.

Daddy sat in the car and waited for us.  Bless his heart.

Today we’re going to do more of the same plus finish up the last of Mt. Washmore and enjoy our last day together.  They leave tomorrow morning and I’m already a little sad about it but I’m going to buck up, little camper, because they’re planning on being back out in September and that doesn’t seem too very far away.

Have a nice day. 

And pie.



2 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Michelle Kinder

    That sounds so lovely– please give them a big hug from me. Xo

  2. Just catching up on your blog, which I do periodically….makes me feel like we’re still at OBU….anyway, prayers for you, craig and all of your boys…no other words than that.

    On a fun note….a Pinterest recipe you MUST try, simply because it’s soooo easy and devine, and is South Beach Diet Friendly….I use a tub of Pesto and chicken tenders, then you really don’t have to do much….Zachary eats it and if he eats it anyone will…here’s the link:



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