Monday Musings

I am bleary eyed as I type this morning.  I sat staring at the computer screen for four hours last night sifting through 1940 census data just so I could find the screen capture that had my parents’ or my in-laws’ names.  I called my mom and dad last week to see if they could give me a general idea of where they were at the time so that I could narrow my search and laughed at the difference between them as they relayed their information.

My mom came back with something along the lines of  “We lived in Wichita Falls on  4th Street.   The house was white with black shutters and we had a pot of red geraniums that sat to the right of the front door.  Our neighbors were named Smith and they had four kids named George, Fred, Opal, and Edna and a black dog named Sally who had a litter of puppies in 1942.”

My dad?  “I dunno.  We lived somewhere in Texas.”

I may be *slightly* exaggerating for dramatic effect.   

I love you, Daddy.  

Looking through 100+ pages of Montague County census data revealed nothing so I switched to Craig’s side of the family and because they lived in a small, rural community (and he had boatloads of family history to work with), I was able to quickly find his dad’s record and I’m hoping later today to find his mom’s.

Because I clearly have time to do all of this and don’t at all want to do the laundry that’s piling up around our ears.

Other than staring at the computer, we did a little traveling as well over the weekend.  We left Thursday evening to go to the mountains and spend a few days with Craig’s parents.  My mother-in-law cooked an Easter dinner of ham, smoked turkey, fried okra, squash, yeast rolls, and Jello salad and not only was it fantastic and beautiful and delicious, it got me out of cooking it myself.  There was something for all of us while we were there.  The kids went swimming at the rec center, the menfolk spent time watching the Masters and the womenfolk went shopping for Easter clothes and candy for the boys and managed to sneak in a girl’s lunch at a sandwich shop in town.

The traveling isn’t over just yet – I’m headed out later on this week to cross another state off the list.  We’ve never been to Ohio so we’re headed that way to do some exploring but not before making a stop in Pittsburgh to see the Carnegie Museums and have lunch at Primanti Brothers. Then I think we’re going to Columbus to visit the Zoo and I need to spend a little time on Google this afternoon to see what else might be fun to visit.  If anyone has been to Ohio and knows what might be fun to visit, I’d love to hear recommendations.

Yes, Lucy, I’m talking to you.

Gotta’ run – work and census data awaits.  I hope your Easter was blessed.

Have a nice day.



14 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Sounds like you’re having tons of fun with Alice. Not that I blame you. Enjoy the Columbus Zoo! I bet Marla Taviano would meet you there. 😉

  2. Melissa Overberg

    I’m in Columbus and yes our zoo is fabulous! We also have a great children’s science museum downtown called COSI. That would be great if you get a rainy day.

    Since I know from your blog you love your sweets you have to go to Jeni’s or Graeter’s ice cream!

    E-mail if you have any questions or want more info!
    – Melissa (T. Burrows’ sister)

  3. I live just outside Toledo and while it isn’t Columbus, we have one of the top rated zoos in the country! As well as a fabulous art museum which currently has the tour of Titanic artifacts. But if you’re not coming this far north, Columbus also has COSI (Center of Science and Industry) that might be interesting for your boys. But if you decide to head to Toledo, let me know – I’d be happy to be your tour guide!

  4. I asked my nephew and his wife (Bryan and Emily, proud new parents of Eliza Jane) to recommend some adventures in eating and exploring. They lived there many years before moving to Durham about two years ago, and they have similar food and cultural tastes.
    If you are willing to drive north, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky are good bets. Then you could go to Toledo and visit with Mary.
    I would also, personally, recommend a visit to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for a train ride. But I admit to a certain fondness for train trips.
    Wish I could meet you there, Lucy

  5. With all due respect to Columbus (I was born there), the Cincinnati area is my favorite. Their zoo is world-famous, especially for the elephant breeding program. They also have King’s Island – which is kin to Virginia’s King’s Dominion. I also have a brother and sister who live just north of Cincinnati. They would welcome you with open arms. Our timing is a little off. I spent last week in Cincinnati! P.S. There is an international Quilt Exhibit at the convention center there next week. [See comment above on poor timing.]

  6. I’m originally from Ashland, OH, and while there’s nothing much going on there except for Walmart, these other nice ladies have given you all the places I already had in mind. Someone mentioned Cedar Point, but I don’t know if it will be open yet. And if you stop at Graeters (Columbus), get something with the chocolate chips. They’re not really chip-like in shape, more of a flat, melt in your mouth kind of deal. Oh, so good!

  7. I live in Ohio! But I don’t have kids, so I’m not sure… Do you do amusement parks? King’s Island in Cincinnati is supposed to be fun. It opens April 28 (I drive by it every day). Personally, I think the Serpent Mound is pretty darn cool ( – but it’s about 2 hours south of Columbus…

  8. My BFF lives in Columbus and my kids had a blast there in Jan. COSI is awesome! She’s also a big fan of the Ohio Historical Society – apparently you can churn butter….Have fun!

  9. Oh and you gotta try Skyline Chili if you’ve haven’t had it before and definitely, most definitely Graeters Ice cream! The coconut chip is amazing!

  10. I am addicted, ADDICTED I tell you, to census data. I’ve gone all the way back to 1890 to find various great-grand-relatives. I’ve resisted the 1940 one…until now. You’ve talked me into it.

  11. Tell your MIL to invite me!

  12. Melissa beat me to mentioning COSI…it was wonderful. I’ll admit it has been about 8 years since I was there but my then 7 year old loved it!!

    Have fun!!

  13. COSI for sure.
    I’m guessing you’ll come in via I-70, but If you go by way of State Rte 16 through Newark, you will pass by Longaberger HQ…its a 7-story tall building in the shape of a market basket. It would be about a 10-minute stop, perfect for stretching the legs. You would turn left at the light before passing it…believe me you’ll see it coming! The entrance and lobby are open to the public, there’s a postcard with tons of fun facts about the building.

  14. Greg spent a good portion of the weekend pouring over 1940 census data too! Genealogy is one of his hobbies. He was also quite excited when he found out that I had all the addresses of where my parents had ever lived and where I had lived until I left home. My mother kept some meticulous records! He looked them all up on Google maps and showed me the houses. 🙂

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