Cue Willie

I’m on the road again. Keep me company and tell me your best and/or worst vacation moment.

My best? Tying on lengths of rope and adding to the Largest Ball of Twine in teeny tiny Cawker City, Kansas.

My worst? Catching ejecting vomit from one of my very sick kids with my hands while standing on the side of the interstate in Knoxville, Tennessee, while rush hour traffic whizzed six inches from my backside.

Fun times.

Here’s hoping today has more of the former and less of the latter.

Have a nice day.

9 responses to “Cue Willie

  1. Ok, one of the worst was being pregnant with my third child and walking out of my vacation rental bedroom onto the kitchen tile and stepping into poop on the floor from my second child and having to clean it up while trying not to vomit while my husband was out getting take out from Chili’s and was calling my cell to find out what kind of dressing I wanted on my salad…and listening to the 4 year old try to tell him what was going on….very funny now!

    Another is taking my two loud boys to visit my sister, who has two quiet girls, and the whole time my boys are laughing and yelling and talking about farting and pooping. It’s a constant state of mortification for me. Mostly because I’m sure my sister thinks it’s only my boys who behave this way!

    The best is when all the kids get along and enjoy each other and it makes the vacation and the chaos all worth it!

    Have fun in Ohio. Hope you have a wallet stuffed with singles!!

  2. Best – watching my dad get excited when we drove on “magnetic hill” in Canada. Funniest – watching my brother chase the top to our luggage carrier on the Interstate, barely missing a semi. Memorable – Driving AROUND the largest open pit copper mine in the world (outside Salt Lake City) because we went right instead of left to get to the visitor’s center. It only takes just over an hour to drive around it. What does it look like? Here is a picture.

  3. My worst at the moment…being 12 and going on an RV trip with my mom step dad two brothers and 1 month old baby sister, and the RV honked the horn everytime it turned left. Mortifying for a 12 year old but now is the best vacation story of my adult life. Seriously honking everytime we turned left and having everyone look at us…so mortifying then (and so funny now)

  4. Worst vacation memory is probably the time I got so sunburnt that huge blisters appeared on my shoulders and I had to wear my bathing suit the rest of the vacation because clothes hurt too much. Best vacation memory…there are too many. I love spending time with my family–usually camping here in Ohio.
    Oh, and I’m late adding my 2 cents, but your boys would love COSI in Columbus. Plan to spend all day. Many people like to visit Amish country. You would enjoy the quilt shops and shopping opportunities, but it would bore your boys unless you take them to Lehman’s. The toy section alone would entertain them, not to mention all the non-electric knick knacks and do-dads in the rest of the store.
    In any case, have fun in Ohio–where the seasons don’t matter and the weather’s made up.

  5. Do we get to vote for the funniest because Amy gets my vote – made me laugh out loud so I read it a second time so I could laugh again! Happy trails to you and the boys, Susan.

  6. When I was a kid my extended family took a weekend camping trip. We caravaned together to a state park, and our car was following my grandparents and their pop-up camper. Now, my grandmother was/is an exceptional seamstress, so to “homey” up their pop-up, she decided to make curtains for it. The bad part is, her sewing skills are indirectly proportional to any, ahh, style sense. So her curtains were made of BRIGHT green, double knit polyester fabric (of which she had already made herself a pair of wide leg pants. Which she wore to one of my school functions. But I digress).

    It seems that Grandpa did not properly lock down the pop-up, cause while crusing down the interstate, the camper started to raise up. We saw it happening and tried to honk and wave, but to no avail. They did not realize what was happen until the bright green curtains started flapping in the wind and the camper was almost halfway up. Was the highlight of the entire weekend. I’m sure our fellow motorist were duly impressed.

  7. Scariest : Changing a tire, in the dark, on the side of I-20 with cars/ trucks / huge 18 wheelers whizzing by. Did I mention it was on a new van and took us 15 minutes to find the spare? oh yeah, good times.

    Ickiest : 3 year old daughter gets car sick, stop to clean her up, yellow jackets attack her because of the icky stuff on her clothes.

    Funniest : I’m 17 years old with my family in an RV in Colorado. (we were on our way back to Florida from California.) My dad forgets he told me to take the trash to the dumpster, he thinks I’m in the RV with the rest of my family, so he starts to leave. I start running through the RV park to catch my ride, finally able to jump on the back, and wave at everyone as I left the campground. (all while banging on the RV for my dad to stop so I can ride on the inside.)

    Hope you are having the time of your life!

  8. Going to a wedding, out of town, on one of my last few days of getting to see family (who live 6000 miles away during the year), because we “needed” to go, only to be rammed by a 20-something hottie in an SUV who jumped out and said, “Oh, I am so glad I wasn’t texting!”, then arriving at the wedding and feeling like we were not really welcome after all. Fun times. For the record, I did say very loudly, “You could have killed one of my babies in this car.” (Never mind the babies are pre-teens, they are still my babies.)

  9. I think stumbling upon Tennessee’s longest and curviest mountain road nicknamed “The Tail of the Dragon” might be among my favorite.

    Have a great time, CPQ!

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