Monday Musings

Since nothing happened this weekend other than watching the rain come down and mourning/panicking that my “skinny me” pants are starting to get a little snug, I’m moving on to Day 2 of our vacation.

We had originally planned to go to Pittsburgh for three reasons.  One, JJ had read about and researched the Carnegie Science Museum and had been asking to go for over a year.  Two, Pennsylvania is a big state and though we had seen the eastern half last year, we wanted to see if the western half was different.  Third, we watch inordinate amounts of Food Network and had heard so much about Primanti Brothers and their weird concoctions with fries and slaw IN THE SANDWICH that we felt we needed to make a pilgrimage to eat there.

I had originally planned on spending the morning looking at science-y stuff and the afternoon at the Heinz History Center but after spending over an hour at just the first exhibit on the first of four floors at the Science Museum, I realized we needed to change plans.

What was that first exhibit?  A whole bunch of stuff about surgery. Someone was very happy to see it.

The kids played with interactive exhibits about gamma rays, tried to dislodge pretend food stuck in pretend throats, and blasted tumors with laser beams.

They played at the water tables. petted a hissing cockroach (no pictures – I was across the room pretending they weren’t my children), attended a cooking demonstration where they learned the science behind flambeed/flambed/can’t get spellcheck to recognize this word/flaming bananas and used magnifying glasses to peer inside tanks of coral.

And they pretended to be gored by a triceratops.

We spent a lot of time in the model train room (they had a little Thomas train that would occasionally come ’round the bend that delighted T to no end) and played basketball against a robot, trying to beat its accuracy.

We lost.


And we waved our arms and shouted “Warning, Will Robinson” to anyone who would hear.

Well, I did anyway.

The kids just looked at me like I had three heads.

After spending all day playing (and I didn’t even talk about the submarine, the air cannons, rock climbing, and trampolines), we took our starving selves to Primanti Brothers for dinner.

And were not disappointed with the deliciousness and the largeness of the sandwiches at all.

And it was worth the trip.

And the snug pants.

Have a nice day.


5 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Note to self … add “Lost in Space” DVDs to boys’ birthday list.

    And make sure to add a note stating that the DVDs aren’t faulty. They just hadn’t invented color yet.

  2. I used and abused all my road trip/stressed about public speaking/amazing food in the speakers’ room excuses this weekend. And I’m with you on the snug pantsness now.

    And my first sentence above initially included the typo “pubic speaking,” which I’m sure would have been much more stressful.

  3. Ned and I have visited that museum and enjoyed every minute…this was before we had children, hope to return with them someday. I love your road trip stories.

  4. I love your goal of seeing the country with them. Just so cool. And that second to last picture (Tommy). My, that’s a Sus look! 🙂

  5. Last fall when Corey was named Sailor of the Year he was whisked away on the Heinz corporate jet with about 6 other military guys to a Steelers’ game & when they arrived in Pittsburgh, that’s the restaurant they took them to! I’d seen it on the Food Network, but since he didn’t take any pictures it was neat to “see” the inside here on your blog.

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