In which we eat more things in Columbus

When I had requested suggestions for the things to see and do in Columbus, just about everyone said to go spend some time at COSI.  My friend Cheryl echoed the sentiment and agreed to join us for the morning and we arrived bright and shiny in the pouring rain at opening time with eight thousand of our closest friends who also decided it might be a good day for indoor activities.

We are wet and cold because our mother didn’t check the forecast.  Please send jackets and umbrellas.  And a new mom.

COSI is a huge place with tons of interactive and informative science-y stuff, an IMAX movie theater (I made them watch a tornado movie and scarred them for life), and lots of fun exhibits on technology and industry.  Did my kids care about that stuff?  No.  They played pinball and storekeeper in the 50s soda shop with children they’d never met before.

They also spent an inordinate amount of time wondering what this strange contraption was.

Children, this is called a KNOB.  It’s a prehistoric remote control that your mother used.

I was most fascinated by the life exhibit on the second floor.  The museum hides no secrets but it was neat to show the boys one particular showcase that had the stages of development for babies growing in the womb.  It was a little sobering to remember just how tiny they were when they were prematurely born but at the same time, encouraging to see how very far they’d come.

This is the size of a six month-old gestating baby, and roughly the size my boys were when they were born.  They weighed the same as a 2-pack of Twizzler’s. 

We hadn’t seen all there was to see by 1:00 but the boys were starving so we ducked out of the museum for a few hours to head over to North Market, an artsy, foodie sort of place that houses several different restaurants and I gave the kids their choice of food stall and they all chose the pasta place which shouldn’t have surprised me but it was all I could do not to roll my eyes because they have inherited their love of spaghetti and meatballs from their father and I do not understand it. 

And then I turned around and chose the Vietnamese version of spaghetti and meatballs and had the pho.

We really didn’t go to North Market for lunch, though.  We went for dessert.  Ohio is kinda’ known for Graeter’s ice cream which is just fine but isn’t Blue Bell but I had heard through the grapevine from my friends Tina and Melissa that Jeni’s ice cream was really the way to go and that I really needed to try the Salty Caramel version which I did and I now wish I hadn’t because I think about it obsessively a little too often and I might have to move to Ohio just so I can have it when I need want it.

I couldn’t eat just one flavor so I got a triple scoop of Salty Caramel, Cherry Lambic Sorbet (VERY funky and good), and Pistachio Honey. 

Oh. My. 

We went back to COSI after lunch and finished up a few things we’d missed in the morning and then went to the hotel to swim off some ice cream and energy before the dinner I’d planned at Der Dutchman, an Amish restaurant not too far from where we were staying.  I’ve really wanted to take the boys to see Amish country and communities so they could see the honorable beauty of a simple life but Amish people don’t blow up things so it’s not super high on their list.  Eating supper is, however, high on the list so this was a good way to combine the two. The restaurant was crowded and while we were waiting for our table we had the chance to observe some Mennonites in the crowd (Mennonites and Amish are kissing cousins – they share the same beliefs but differ on how best to live out those beliefs in how they interact with the outside world) and I had the opportunity to talk about how people of faith live out their convictions in different ways.

Der Dutchman is famous for its chicken and pies and so suprise, suprise, that’s what I ordered, and when I took a bite of the coconut cream pie, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven because my whole cooking career, I’ve had a vision in my head of what the perfect pie crust would taste like and it tastes just like what I had on my plate.

We were scheduled to leave the next day but we still hadn’t made it to the zoo so I placed a quick call to the ATM machine Craig and asked him if it would be okay if we stayed another day and he said “Have at it!” and so we went back to the hotel and extended our stay by a night and went to bed, ready for more adventure.

And I promise tomorrow will end all my vacation talk.

Have a nice day.


7 responses to “In which we eat more things in Columbus

  1. Melissa Overberg

    I too have dreamed of Jeni’s! Pistachio Honey is my favorite!

  2. We lived in Columbus for one year, 24 years ago. We moved there when I was 7 mos. pregnant with my oldest and left a month before her first birthday so short but very sweet. Sometimes I still think about the cream puffs from a place called Schmidts. Oh my!

  3. A vacation of science and eating. I’m getting a little verklempt.

  4. Just so you know…i”ve been singing the ’70’s Heinz jingle for the last 24 hours.

    That pie makes me quiver.

  5. Food is a great introduction to the Amish and Mennonite cultures.

  6. Oh man that sounds fantastic. Particularly the salty caramel. yum. Oh and also, that picture of your little ones and how tiny they were? crazy, God is so good 🙂

  7. We need to pool our resources as Jeni’s ships their ice cream but it is a small fortune .. I think I’d take Jeni’s over a new piece of jewelry!

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