Five on Friday

1.  Our last day of vacation was spent walking acres and acres and acres of the Columbus Zoo.

Thank you, zoo people, for making it relatively flat and super easy to navigate pushing a wheelchair.

And thank you also for not charging me an admission fee because I was pushing a wheelchair. 

And to the ticket booth attendant, thank you for not calling security when I got a little teary when you told me that and then for your patience as I over-explained how that one little kindness just wrecked me because our little family includes one of the least of these and the act of generosity, seemingly trivial to you, meant that Grace whispered “I see you.”

I will not  bore you with the fuzzy faraway pictures of giraffes and elephants, but I will show you how I faced my fears in the den of lions.

Or lorakeets.

Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

This picture falls into “The Things We Do For Our Kids” category because Mama really doesn’t do nature but Travis and Tommy wanted to see the birds up close (not J – his unfortunate 8 year-old encounter with a hungry lorakeet at the Oklahoma City Zoo has left him scarred for life) so I sprang/sprung for the nectar cup and summoned courage from the reserve vault and prayed that no one would make any sudden moves because I didn’t want to force Mama Bird having to explain to Timmy why Daddy didn’t fly home at the end of the day.

2.  Breaking my rule about not showing fuzzy animal pictures, we did get up close and personal with a kangaroo that had jumped the one-foot security fence that clearly failed at its job.

The roo’s name was Caroline and though it may look like she was chillin’ and at ease with everyone around her, I suspected her motives.

We moved on quickly.

3.   After visiting the zoo, we went out for Chinese food because that’s what one does when in Ohio, right? and we drove by this odd field of corn statues and I snapped a quick pic and texted it to my friend Tina who’s from the area and I said “What’s with the corn?” and she said, “That’s the Giant Field of Corn” which a) um, yes, and b) is listed in Roadside America (one of my favorite travel websites) as a neat place to see.

Here’s a better picture, borrowed from Roadside America and please don’t sue me since I just wrote glowing things about you.

So, hooray, for unintentionally stumbling across something fun.

4.  Finally it was time to come home, and except for the part where I got lost because I trusted my GPS more than my instinct, it was uneventful.  The kids were exhausted and either slept or ate some of the doughnuts I picked up at the last Tim Horton’s we’d see until who knows when, and I tooled down the highway with my travel companion that Tommy picked up at the zoo’s gift shop.

A spider. 

Eating a gas station gummy worm. 

You know, the usual.

5.  And by the time we got home and saw Craig, I was ready to scream “TAG, YOU’RE IT”  “WE MISSED YOU!”

Have a nice day.




7 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Thank you for the lovely post. I feel like I had a vacation, too. You really have a way with words!

  2. I’m delighted you enjoyed my stomping grounds in and around Dublin, Ohio! I thoroughly enjoy your blog…I’m addicted.

  3. Oh so much to say here! Yes, I love the Columbus Zoo for it’s flatness. The Cincinatti Zoo? Not so much. Hilly is putting it mildly and it’s always hot, hot, hot. Nice gesture from the ticket guy. Everyone deserves a break once and again.
    In our house it’s my daughter that wants nothing to do with birds. Got herself pecked on the head when she was young because she was checking out a baby bird that was trying to leave the nest. She would agree wholeheartedly with your feelings.
    Love the roo chillin’ on the sidewalk. Were the zookeepers unaware or just didn’t care?
    Giant Field of Corn? I don’t get that at all.
    Tim Horton’s is oh so good. A box of Timbits and a strawberry yogurt and berries. With a hot chocolate in the winter. Mmmm.
    Glad you enjoyed COSI. I haven’t been there in a long time but we always enjoyed it when the kids were littler. How much did your boys weigh when they were born?
    Next time you head to Ohio, make a trip to Toledo. We’ll take you to our awesome (also flat) zoo and then treat you to world famous Tony Packo’s for lunch. (Remember MASH? Jamie Farr’s hometown favorite with the signed hot dog buns. Better than corn statues).

    Glad you had a good time!! (Tag, You’re It! BAH! I would have said the same thing!!)

  4. Wow, you took several for “the team”. Bodes well for a nice piece of jewelry, or at least a massage, dontcha think?! 🙂

  5. offthebeatenpathministries

    You are a very brave woman!

  6. you are a wonderful and adventurous mom. The boys and Craig are blessed to claim you as their own!

  7. You are super-mom! I wish I could tag along on one of your adventures…I wouldn’t make you feed birds or get you a hairy spider gummy worm friend…I promise!

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