Monday Musings

1.  I have one thing to say this morning and it is the following:  NO ONE IN MY FAMILY IS ALLOWED TO THROW UP TODAY.

In case the preceding sentence didn’t adequately capture what my weekend looked like, let me elaborate.  There was hurling.  And lots of it. It started Thursday night at bedtime when Travis got sick, conveniently after having ingested half a pizza, and just rolled on through the rest of the family with Craig and JJ bringing things to a close last night.

And yes, I’m spending the day Lysoling my house. 

And burning incense to appease the throw-up gods. 

2.  In other news, I did something new this past week and made my first vegetable tray that didn’t come from the deli.

Try not to get whiplash from that segue, please.

And since I had license to put whatever I wanted on it, I skipped the raw broccoli and raw celery because a) raw broccoli is only made palatable by adding mayo, sugar, bacon, raisins, and sunflowers and b) celery is evil.

3.  I did a little yard work yesterday and by yard work I mean I bought a bag of potting soil and planted herbs in their compostable pot and put in my herb garden for the summer.

I also swapped out the dead ferns on the front porch for some geraniums that will hopefully appreciate the sun a little more than their predecessors.

They look a little sad all by their lonesome so I think I’m going to add some ivy around to fill in the space but only after I put a little emotional distance between myself and the Home Depot nursery because I tend to get a little ambitious when I’m in there and overreach any ability to tend to my purchases so I need a few days to clear my head so that I can rationally walk in there and buy only one thing.

4. I made PW’s brisket last week and the boys rose up and called me blessed.

Not so pretty in its raw, marinating state, and not the smoky sweet taste that we get when Craig cooks it outside on the grill, but it was tasty and the leftovers were great on a sandwich.

5.  Nothing else comes to mind.

I think I’m still in shock from navigating the weekend minefield.

Have a nice barf-free day.


3 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Wow…and here I’ve been wanting to come visit. Skype, maybe?

  2. At first glance, I was flummoxed that you would post a picture of the, um, shall we say, detritus of the episodes discussed in your first list item.

    Upon further reflection, I discerned that it was a picture of your vegetable platter.

  3. Ugh:( I have heard that virus is going around my place of employment(school). I expect to have it in the near future.
    Lovely veggie tray. Love those cucumbers! I might almost feel I was eating some Ruffles.


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