I have no title.

If you’ll allow one second of fangirl shallowness this morning, did everyone see the Castle season finale last night?


I’m a HUGE fan of the show and this season has been a little on the frustrating side what with the “he’s ready/not ready to tell her, she’s ready/not ready to hear it” routine but after last night, all is well in my pretend TV world and though the summer hiatus will be very horridly extremely exceedingly long, at least it’ll be happy.

Speaking of happy, I’ve had some fun days at the house. Blog life has been a little sparse because May tends to be the busiest month of my year but the busy hasn’t been all work and no play.  I’ve had some new experiences such as frying chicken on the bone in a cast iron skillet for the first and last time (what a mess!), wearing a new clothing style (the cold shoulder top – jury’s still out), and seeing my first post-50-year-old woman with pink hair (just say no).

Though I will give her points for matching the hair with the pants and purse.

I saw the Pink Lady when I met Kellie for lunch last Friday at Guglhupf Bakery.  I had saved my calories ALL WEEK just for that occasion because history has taught me that excessive carbohydrates tend to make an appearance anytime she and I are together and sure enough, this encounter didn’t disappoint.

Three guesses as to who chose the salad as the side option and who went with the all-brown option.


I don’t know why we even bothered to eat lunch because we were really there for dessert.  Guglhupf has some ah-mazing pastries and seeing the rows of available options in the display case kind of overwhelmed me when it came time to make my selection.

So I did what you already know I did.  I got a little bit of everything.

It was for the children, people, FOR THE CHILDREN.

Speaking of children, mine have started ignoring me.  Last night after a yummy supper (I’m not above cooking my way into their hearts) they wandered to their respective rooms and didn’t even come downstairs to get their goodnight hug and kiss when it was time to go to bed.  It makes me a little wistful that they don’t want to hang out with me as much as they used to. I know it’s the age and not because they don’t love me (they are sweet, sweet boys and affectionate, loving, and respectful toward me) and I can remember wanting to be alone in my room when I was a young teenager so that I could daydream, write angsty things in my journal and belt out ABBA songs into my hairbrush microphone, but I’m hoping that this phase is relatively short-lived and they will emerge from their hiding spot soon and once again hang out with me in the kitchen so that all is right in my world.

Sounds like I may need to go back to Guglhupf and buy more cookies.

Have a nice day.


7 responses to “I have no title.

  1. I recently embarked into the “cold shoulder” fashion seas, too. I like mine (ivory with lots of fun embroidery), but I did get a few looks from our more conservative director of women’s ministries. 😉

    I don’t want to think about my kids entering the silent, angsty stage of early teen-dom. I’m already struggling with my sweet girl recently turned irritating tween. Oh, God, help me survive the horrible task of raising my clone!

  2. lavidacoffeegal

    CPQ: (1) You amaze me… You fried chicken at HOME? I didn’t realize that anyone fried chicken, except Colonel Sanders and Paula Dean. (2) there needn’t be any praying about that shoulder shirt… I can tell the color and print looks amazing on you. (3) Next time I’m getting that potato salad.

  3. LOVE Castle! Actually have quite a crush on Nathan Fillion. But since I’m married, I guess he can hook up with Beckett. As Castle of course. I can separate reality from tv drama. Now the summer better hurry up so we can get to next season!!

  4. oh I just got really sad thinking of how quickly my own kids will be in that teenager phase where they dont want to hang out with me. Jayci already wants to walk to her sunday school class either by herself or with zack (he’s clearly way cooler than me!)

  5. offthebeatenpathministries

    From my experience they will come out of their caves now and then, each at his own time, in need of a hug or just to touch base. And those will be sweet moments that catch you by surprise and leave you a little breathless when they go back to their hibernation. Ah, stages and ages! And hey, I’m all for all brown meals.

  6. Oh and don’t forget the breztel rolls….ahh you had to mention Guglhuph. Interesting that they all 3 didn’t give hugs and kisses on the same night. I dread that day too.

  7. you did better than I would have. I don’t think I could have even gotten the sandwich, just moved right onto those desserts!

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