Five on Friday: iPhone Style

1. My Interwebs is down and the “hold the button and hope something new happens when everything comes back up” strategy didn’t work.

And it’s not a router problem, NotNed and Douggie, because my other wireless devices are working.

Since it will be several hours before my in-house tech support is available (T’s bus doesn’t get home til 3), I am phoning it in this morning.

I am also regretting not cutting my fingernails down to the nub because the typos that are showing up as I fat-finger text are bordering on the ridiculous.

2. On the good news front, my father-in-law had successful heart surgery this week and he is on the slow mend. Craig went to be with him and got to spend some quality nuclear family time with his folks and sister without spousal or feral offspring interference. We are hoping that his dad will sufficiently and thoroughly exasperate the hospital staff by the weekend so he can go home and rest in peace.

But not the dirt kind of rest.

The easy chair and the remote kind.

3. My employers have offered me a full-time job. Again. Even though I told them thanks, but no thanks. I am not settled in my response. I very often think “No way!” but then I waffle. In this economy, nothing is guaranteed. And then I think “Are you crazy? You’d never get to take off and traipse across America like you do!” And then I think “maybe I could negotiate” and then my head starts to hurt from all the thinking so I stop.

4. In an attempt to shake things up and get out of my conservative rut, I had our very-visible-from-indoors back deck painted a color I now regret.

Similarly, but without the long-term consequences, I also regretted painted my toes pink after years of wearing OPI’s Route Beer Float brown.

Sometimes, it’s good to stick with your old ways.

5. But not always. Because in the last few weeks my world has opened to new friends and a new way of experiencing my hometown and it has made me feel settled in a good way. (As settled as this gypsy spirit will ever be, anyway.)

I like where I am today. On a warm, sunny porch, my work done for the week, a healthy family, and a 3G connection that will tide me over til the school bus shows up.

Life is good.

Have a nice day.


One response to “Five on Friday: iPhone Style

  1. So what color is the deck? Right now, my toes are painted sort of fluorescent green….I always go bright/cheery/crazy on my toes and bare or traditional on my fingers.

    glad to hear your FIL is recovering well!

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