Monday Musings

We had a good week-end at the Carpool House.  My friend K came over Friday afternoon and we closed out the week with a glass of wine on the front porch, catching up with each other and enjoying the beautiful weather.  We’ve had this ritual for over five years now and that hour has become almost a benediction to the week for us.  We hate to miss it.

Saturday was opening day for the neighborhood pool so we spent a few hours there in the afternoon and I sweet-talked Craig into getting in the water so I wouldn’t have to and they all froze their patooties off while I basked in the sunshine and started working on the base tan that I’ll regret when I’m 70.

Sunday started out happily with cards and poems and flowers and a peaceful drive to church (a miracle!) but the shine wore off when I made La Cocina de Mama Greta the lunch choice.  The boys were nervous because they had never been there before and then a little miffed that nuggets, burgers, and fries were nowhere to be found on the menu.

Tommy said that somehow I’d managed to turn Mother’s Day into Soul Crushing Day. 

So glad I could oblige.

He wasn’t the only one struggling with my choice.  I had to keep Craig from going off the ledge because every picture in the place was crooked and it was making him twitchy.

Travis was also a little wrapped around the axle because he had heard me order in Spanish and to him that somehow meant that his pancakes and eggs and bacon wouldn’t turn out to be English.

It did make me a little sad that my decision resulted in nothing being bright and shiny and you’d think that after almost thirteen years of parenting I would know better but Craig cheered me up when he told me that after lunch he’d take me to pick out cushions for our patio furniture as a Mother’s Day gift.

Hooray for a sensitive husband who knows shopping is a love language. 

We went to Lowe’s and Home Depot where I didn’t find anything thrilling and we were headed to Target to check out their selection but on the way we passed World Market and pulled in on a whim and found a ton of stuff that was cute, colorful, and conveniently on sale.

And then I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting outside on the back deck, away from a ferocious case of sibling squabbling that had erupted inside enjoying the quiet and doing an occasional load of laundry here and there to remind me that every day is Mother’s Day.

I hope your weekend was just as lovely.

Have a nice day.


7 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. World Market is my love language. ❤ that place!

  2. My kids bickered & were often less than stellar, too. And we were traveling, so flexibility in one child was not the order of the day. Guess this is just a reminder that they need me. 😉 All in all, tho, and after my margarita, I was able to reflect that there’s no other family in which I’d rather be ( exhausted), & I truly have an amazing husband.

  3. I’m totally laughing about the non-English pancakes! Mostly I’m laughing because I kind of get it 🙂

  4. OK, so I don’t feel so bad about my ‘not-so-stellar’ day. I kept telling myself…”there’s always next year!” sigh.

  5. offthebeatenpathministries

    Funny how this works. Your whole post had me feeling in good company and I was liking that. Until I saw your picture of your cute new cushions for your patio furniture. Then I turned green. I suppose there are two ways to rectify that: I can grow up and go with my 3-year-old cushions and be happy with them OR I can search for the nearest Word Market. Hmmm. Since my husband gave me a housecleaner for this coming Thursday just before massive amounts of company show up for my daughter’s high school graduation, I guess I should be content and at least tone down the green!

  6. When I finally got out of the nursery, which had been full of cranky toddlers, I came upon my two fighting in the van. I was so depressed by this scene I closed the van door and just sat on the curb until I could face them:-). But brunch at the Officer’s Club and a two hour nap made all things right again
    :-)). We capped off the day by enjoying the season finale of “Once Upon A Time” which was almost as good as Castle’s. Oh yes, and Daniel wrote actual sentences in his card to me!!

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