In which I channel my inner Martha

I took the day off work yesterday and ran a bunch of errands.  I had a pile of things to return (lime pillows do not work on a cream sofa, by the way) and some things to pick up for the kids (now that it’s pool season, the offspring require working water guns) and I wanted to pick out some accessories for the empty potting bench on the back deck.

Some of you who visited the old house may remember this piece of furniture – it was in my kitchen as a baker’s rack of sorts and held cookbooks, the fruit bowl, assorted Legos, pencils, lunch boxes,  and the occasional dirty sock. 

I bought two decorative items from HomeGoods (love that store!) and the rest I picked up at the thrift shop.

I found this inexpensive tray at the thrift store and while it pained me to paint over sweet little Hannah’s handprints, the fun of having a new accent piece for$1.50 plus the cost of a can of spray paint more than made up for it.

Hannah and her handprints didn’t go easily.

I wasn’t looking for projects when I was at the store but found this little drop leaf table for $4 and couldn’t pass it up because, hello, FOUR DOLLARS for a sturdy little piece of furniture that would look darling as a plant stand.

And then I went to Home Depot to pick out paint and apparently the sight of a red-blooded female in the paint aisle was a bit too much for this guy who flirted with me for about fifteen minutes.

It did wonders for my self-esteem.

On the bright side, he’d been a professional painter since the time I was born I had inadvertently worn my sign that said “Tell me your life story”and he suggested that it might be better, faster, cheaper to go the spray paint route instead of latex (which was my first choice) since it was going to be an outdoor piece of furniture.

So I took his advice (if for no other reason than to get him to stop calling me “Honey” every other sentence)  and now I have a new project to occupy my time for a couple of days.

Once it’s painted (a cheerful blue), I’ll set it out against the deck rail. I think it will add a lot to the summery color palette going on out there and if it’s a bit too bright when fall rolls around, paint’s cheap.

I’m really happy with how the back porch is starting to come together.

I still need to fill in the bench shelves a little and find an outdoor rugs to place at the back door, but I’m not in a big rush to get it all finished.  I’d rather wait and find objects that I like instead of getting just any old thing to have it filled in. Of course I’ll throw that entire last sentence out the window the second I get distracted by something shiny or someone pins something interesting to their Pinterest board.

Yes, Adrienne-my-decorating-twin, I’m talking to you.

Have a nice day.



3 responses to “In which I channel my inner Martha

  1. lavidacoffeegal

    Wow! You were busy, busy, busy on your day off! Love the new use of the old bakers rack… and I think of all your fun things the owls are my favorite. Can’t wait to see the big reveal of the little drop leaf… so fun!

  2. I love the bakers rack and all the bright colors!

  3. If you see me gawking as I walk by, I’m just checking out the new decor.

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