Double Vision

Tommy had been complaining of blurry vision while doing homework which I thought was a stall tactic until I took him in for an eye exam and they told me that he was nearsighted or farsighted or whatever it is when you can’t read things up close.

After I got over feeling super guilty that I’d ignored weeks of him telling me something wasn’t quite right, we then spent a lot of time looking at frames in the optometrist’s office and learned that Tommy takes after his mama when it comes to picking out the most expensive thing in the case.  Sensing that $400 frames in the hands of a 12 year-old who loses three or four lunchboxes a year might not be such a great idea, we left and went to BJ’s where we found a more reasonably priced selection and a kid’s warranty plan.

It took a lot of trying on and discussion over which ones made him look cool and which ones might not be socially acceptable and I had to dig deep to give up control over his choice because it only took two seconds to realize we were on opposite sides in regards to preference and let me tell you, a shrink would have had a field day with the battle going on in my head trying to talk myself into not having a conniption in the aisle.

In the meantime, Travis was oblivious to his mother’s internal struggle and adopted a “the more, the merrier” policy.

In the end, I won the battle by turning the process over to Craig who did  a marvelous, non-emotional job in helping Tommy make his selection.  The new pair arrived yesterday and we picked them up and after weeks of talking about them and how much he was looking forward to getting them, he didn’t wear them one second while doing homework last night and had to be reminded to take them to school today.

But he did a great job picking them out and sure looks cute wearing them.

And he’ll look even cuter if they come home with him on the bus this afternoon.

Have a nice day.



6 responses to “Double Vision

  1. Good googily moogily. Send him to school in a collared shirt and khakis and he’d be able to eat lunch in the teacher’s lounge.

    Until he breaks out the lunchbox, I suppose.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful word of glasses. Both of mine are wearing them now.

  3. We had the same thing happen here last year but we got a call frOm the school nurse that my 13 year old completely failed the eye exam (though she’d never said anything was wrong so how could I know?)
    I took her to an appointment and we picked out frames. Luckily my eye insurance is awesome so it wasn’t bank breaking but she NEVER wears them. So for me paying even $10 is dumb if they never get worn.

  4. Love BJs for eyewear…saves me tons of dollars every.single.year.

    He looks GREAT! So grown up!

  5. fyi, Sherri Kuffle told me Walmart has a plan for like $25 per pair. This she told me after I paid $500 for Daniel’s new ones. And he does look cute and you were VERY SMART to hand it over to Craid.

  6. This is a must for back up glasses … – we get ALL our glasses there. All 4 Burrows wear glasses, although JD is opting for contacts because although chicks do dig boys with glasses, he wanted to change things up for the ladies!

    If you need help ordering or have questions, lmk.

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