Five on Friday

1.  Craig bought an electric ice cream maker that doesn’t require rock salt for freezing and we put it to good use this past week making strawberry ice cream with fresh-from-the-field berries.

I can’t wait to do this little experiment with peaches in July.

2.  Momologuer was in town for a couple of days this week.  It made my heart happy to spend time with her catching up on life.  We packed a lot into a day and a half – lunched at girly restaurants (Zest and Relish), hit HomeGoods, Michael’s and the Container Store for crafty goodness, wandered the mall, sat on the back porch listening to the afternoon rain, consumed the traditional late night snack of potato chips and french onion dip, and did a little decorating.

3.  I’ve been trying to keep more fresh things around the house so we don’t rely on food in cans.  This picture of my grocery basket sums up what I want summer meals to look like.

4.  There is a disconnect between what I want and what I do, so garden goodness notwithstanding and because of the aforementioned ice cream, girly lunches, and copious chip eating, I’ve reunited with my pilates DVD.

And the inability to activate any abdominal muscles without crying.

5.  Speaking of crying, there may have been a whimper or two from He Who Shall Remain Nameless who was offered the senior citizen discount at IHOP last night.

There was, however, outright guffawing from the other half of the table.

That would be the freshly-highlighted half who pays good money to avoid suspicion of being a day over 39.

Have a nice day.



3 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. I would have commented sooner, but I’m just now able to breath after laughing so hard about Mr. AARP.

    Glad you and momologuer had a good time. She didn’t bring back too much expensive loot, so hopefully our credit card isn’t near its limit.

    Of course, maybe it’s all in a bag she “neglected” to show me.

  2. The ice cream looks delicious! How much does your freezer make at one time? I would love to find a freezer that will make enough in one batch to satisfy everyone in our household.

  3. please oh please get these ice cream makers in Turkey…who am I kidding? It will be 2039 before they do. We just finally got Baked Lay Potato Chips!

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