Five on Friday: Wedding Edition

I went to Oklahoma last weekend to celebrate my nephew’s wedding.  I can’t believe he’s old enough to get married especially since I just changed his diapers yesterday, but he is and she is and in so doing, they continued my people’s tradition of getting hitched early.  (Lots of 50+ wedding anniversaries on my side of the family – it’s a beautiful thing.)

Without further ado…Sus’ trip to Oklahoma….

.5  Not really part of the Five, but it’s important to note that the tradition of stopping at the nearest Braum’s upon arrival in the Promised Land continued as did the tradition of texting the picture to my husband in order to rub it in.

Now that we have that out of the way…..

1.  Not long after touchdown, I went to my brother’s house to observe rehearsal dinner preparations and stood amazed at the creativity of my sister-in-law when I saw what she’d put together to create the mood in the outdoor pavilion where it would be held.  My new neice-in-law (Sydney) is fond of owls, so the idea was to set up a barn-like, owly feel which was perfect for the setting.

Sybil (my sis-in-law) picked up mason jars and filled them with Spanish moss and set them out on the tables.

And my brother built garden boxes with branches tucked into them with little owls perching on top.

And then to create a festive air and bring in the peacock colors that Sydney chose for the wedding, Sybil made these colorful tissue poms/starbursts/rosettes/big puffy things to hang from the ceiling rafters.

I, of course, was not allowed to touch anything remotely crafty at this point, but I did get to fill take-away goodie bags for the guests and it was fun to contribute to such a special evening.

2.  On Saturday we drove to Ponca City and while everyone else was at the rehearsal, we – my parents, uncle, and brother Paul who was supposed to be at the rehearsal but told everyone he knew how to walk down the hallway when he was told, thank you very much – decorated the pavilion with the crafty things and tried to avoid getting stung by the wasps who were less than pleased that their nests were getting jostled by us tossing puffy things over the rafters.

The dinner was a fun, casual affair with music playing, bubbles flying through the air from a bubble maker discretely tucked away, and older guests played bag toss while the younger tykes went fishing at the pond across the field.  Sybil planned a s’mores buffet for dessert and you haven’t lived until you’ve smeared peanut butter across a freshly burned s’more, my friends.

It was a revelation.

3.  Because of a strong thrifty ethic which runs through in the family except for me for I am adopted, we stayed at a motel that most likely would not pass a health department inspection.

And we will most likely not let my dad live it down for the rest of his days.

4.  The wedding was on a beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon at a mansion formerly owned by a man who, when his first wife died, ended up un-adopting his daughter and marrying her.


Questionable ethics aside, it was a gorgeous venue for the nuptials, almost as beautiful as the bride herself.

The rest of the family cleaned up nice for the event as well.

5.  These two are my favorite pictures from the weekend. The first because not only because I adore my brothers (and is everyone sick of hearing that yet???) but because I won’t forget what made us laugh .6 seconds before the shutter snapped on this picture which may or may not have been a very smart-mouthed retort by one member of my family to kiss a certain part of her lower backside anatomy.

And then this one, which despite the bedraggled hair courtesy of a) leaving my blow dryer and hairbrush at home and b) zero humidity in the deserts of Oklahoma, and c) hard hotel water, shows the quiet and steel-strong love my mother and I share.

Have a nice day.

P.S. Welcome to the family, Sydney.


6 responses to “Five on Friday: Wedding Edition

  1. Always good to get together with family.

    We might be able to beat your motel experience, however. My top two:

    San Juan’s “Hotel del Playa” which, ironically, was not on the beach, but did feature some lovely concrete floors, ant-infested beds, and a window in the shower which opened up on to the combination dance floor/basketball court. Spent one night there before moving to the Westin.

    While moving Nana across country, K spent the night in a midwestern motel that featured, shall we say, “unique” decorative wall accents …

    …bullet holes.

  2. In usual CPQ fashion, that was just so adorable, witty, enlightening and weird. Thanks for letting us enjoy your family. And congrats to the bride and groom. Everything looked lovely!

  3. My pastor moved here from Ponca City! I’d never heard of it before that. The wedding sounds fun–except for that motel…Ha!

  4. Love the post! It’s nice to know there’s a fellow blogger in the family (:

    Sybil sent me the link to your blog. I’ll have to start keeping up with it! I haven’t had a chance to post/see many photos from the wedding yet, so it was fun seeing photos of the new in-laws!

  5. Congrats to the new bride and groom!! The photos are fun..would love to hear more about the motel, in CPQ-style, of course!

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