Five on Friday

1.  When we moved to Raleigh 12 years ago and the boys were in diapers and I didn’t know a soul, our UPS delivery guy was the only person I would see on a regular basis and in my head, he became a friend.  We’ve moved three times since I last saw him which may explain the puzzled look on his face when I perhaps waved a little too enthusiastically when I unexpectedly ran into him this week at a shopping center.

Maybe he would have recognized me if I’d not washed my hair in a week and draped babies on each available hip.

2.  I spent a good five minutes explaining to Craig why I thought he needed a new laptop case because the handles of his weren’t padded enough and it might hurt his hands when he carried it and as I was getting to point #7 about why I worried about it, he walked over to me, drew me into his arms and whispered into my ear “Deep breaths.  Let it go. I got this.”

Good advice to apply to many situations.

Some problems belong to other people.

And some things I perceive as problems really just aren’t.

3.   Speaking of problems, I’ve solved one this past week and have decided to let my hair grow long.  I figure I’m not too far from the age most women start chopping it off so this may be the last chance to play with the length.

And buns.

And French braids.

And a kick-butt ponytail.

Unlike that thing I’m currently sporting that looks like the docked end of a Doberman.

4.  I went back to the Hello Kitty eyebrow waxing place yesterday because my previous eyebrow lady moved and DESPERATE TIMES, my friends.  Fortunately, no third degree burns on the eyelids this time though they took enough off to stuff a Build-A-Bear and now I have a constant surprised look on my face without having to raise my non-existent eyebrows.

5.  Have a nice day.


5 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. 1. It’s been 12 years already?!?! Good googily-moggily.
    2. Well, at his advanced age, reduced blood flow can cause skin issues in the extremities.
    3. I’m a guy, so obvious I think longer hair = better.
    4. There’s always the threading kiosk at the mall.
    5. You too.

  2. One word – THREADING
    less painful, more accurate, fast, cheap

  3. That is so funny about your eyebrows! When I get mine done, I always remind my stylist (who is also a good friend), that “real women have eye brows”

  4. OK, this is weird..I had a conversation with my hubby about his laptop bag. I wasn’t as nice as you…mine went something like this :
    Me :” Can you find a newer bag? Yours looks a little ragged.”
    Randy : ” I don’t think we have any more at work.”
    Me : “Well, you need to do something…that one looks awful.”

    See. Not nice.

    I think I’ll go apologize.

  5. Leigh Anne Seger

    I am laughing so hard at you and the UPS guy. I so identify! The surprised look from the hello kitty waxing is hilarious too! Thanks for the laugh!

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