Day 2

Long day but we made it through and if Travis would just close his eyes for ten seconds I know he’d fall asleep. And I need him to fall asleep so I can fall asleep because it’s really all about me and not poor T who got his leg bones sawed in two and then steel-plated back together again.

Word to the wise: Don’t ask exactly how they do that procedure unless you want to get really wigged out

We practiced transferring him from the bed to a reclining wheelchair with an elevated leg rest. Tomorrow we will practice transferring him in and out of the car in a practice setting in the physical therapy room. If all goes well, then maybe we can go home tomorrow evening.

Or not.

Because this afternoon he started looking a little flushed and his blood pressure was elevated and he developed a weird rash on his belly and was having some problems emptying his bladder so I of course, assumed flesh-eating bacteria because I am not at all histrionic and do not jump to conclusions. had the resident on call stop by this evening an take a look at him and he thinks that it might all be traced back to side effects from the narcotics he is on. We are going to keep an eye on him tonight and if he starts running a fever then we’ll do more investigating but for now it’s wait and see.

Fun things today: Gretchen brought me Starbucks, Kellie brought me a burrito from Cosmic Cantina for lunch, and I got a nap that may have been a bit of a lifesaver since I’ve slept for 3 hours and 45 minutes since Sunday.

Also? I figured out that you can use a plastic fork to comb your hair. That was festive.



6 responses to “Day 2

  1. Take care of yourself and your sweet T. Much love to you and here’s to a speedy recovery!!!

  2. Hey the fork worked for Ariel, which means it’s totally legal to use in real life. And not only because I’ve done the same thing before myself.

    Praying for you guys! Glad to hear these updates!

  3. You know what I really like? Not the fact that you improvised using a fork as a comb, but rather that you took a picture of yourself using a fork as a comb.

    Get some sleep already. And drink plenty of water. Remember that you gotta take care of yourself, too.

  4. We have combs stocked on the floor! Just ask Morgan or Brandi-they’ll fix you up. So great to meet you-Raeanne

  5. I am feeling every bit of this with you as I was there years ago (yes, the whole rotating the leg thing definitely wigged me out too!!) I think the doc is right in thinking the narcotics are causing the problems. Hopefully they can find something that works well. My son does not so medication of any sort well so that is always a challenge. If T likes to listen to books, we found that books on disc were a good way to pass Jacob’s time while he was recovering. Hang in there – a real comb is in your near future!!

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