Five on Friday (Just barely getting it in under the wire)

What I really feel like writing for Five on Friday:  Things I did this Week

1. Looked at the walls.

2. Looked at the walls.

3. Looked at the walls.

4. Wondered if the walls should be painted.

5.  Looked at the walls some more.

That pretty much sums things up which doesn’t give me a whole lot of material to work into a blog post but lack of cohesive topic has never stopped me from blogging before so we’re just going to roll with it.

Actually, it wasn’t all stare at the walls this week.  I did get out last Saturday for a few hours and Sunday was my day to go to church (Craig and I are taking turns til it gets a little easier to get T in the car) and sweet Rachel stopped by a couple of times to chat and cheer me up so it has been a good week and for that and other things, I’m grateful.

1.  I am grateful the Olympics are almost over because I’ve spent so many hours on the couch watching sporting events that the cushions are starting to get a little indentation that I feel might become permanent should things not wrap up quickly so I can move on to other things in the house.

Like laundry.

Or cooking meals that we eat AT THE TABLE instead of in the living room while Craig we cheer on women’s beach volleyball dressage.

2.  I’m grateful Travis was able to get out of the house this week for the first time since his surgery.  We went for a stroll in the wheelchair to a  nearby shopping center and got celebratory haircuts and did a little treat shopping at the grocery store.

The sympathy factor was clearly a little high as we went through the aisles.

3.  I’m grateful that the school-at-home program has started and someone has new educational things to do a few afternoons a week.

4.  I’m grateful I only made one pan of these Pinteresting breakfast muffins since they were pretty  much horrible.

Note to self: Eggs rise in the oven.

And stick to metal.  

And taste nasty when they’re overcooked.

5. I’m grateful for shoe sales and girlfriends on the other end of text messages who always say “BUY THEM” regardless of the fact that it might make me look like I’m auditioning as an extra in Aladdin III: Jasmine in the Middle Ages.

I hope your week has been full of shoes and friends and non-burned food and other things for which to be grateful as well.

Have a nice day.


9 responses to “Five on Friday (Just barely getting it in under the wire)

  1. “the cushions are starting to get a little indentation”

    That’s called a butt groove. Embrace it, revel in it, bask in its glory. It means you have reached a new level of TV-watching zen, grasshopper.

  2. Jasmine in the middle ages! hahahahaha! I was trying to relay a story to a friend about how this “older” middle aged woman in the underwear dept. at Kohl’s was telling me how her boyfriend said she really needed to buy new underwear since hers were six years old. Ack!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, this really happened. Anyway, as I’m starting to describe this woman to a friend, I suddenly and horrifyingly realize I am also that middle-aged woman shopping at Kohl’s for my underwear (that may be slightly newer than 6 years old)!!!! I alternated between depressed and it is what it is. I’m not sure where I think I should be buying my underwear. Maybe I should step it up a notch!

  3. You never fail to make me giggle! NEVER!

    BTW – I would have told you to get the shoes, too. 🙂

  4. Who is that man-child in your family room? And OMG, girl, those are the sparkliest shoes. If you hadn’t bought them, I would’ve needed to.

  5. You will Rock those sandals!

  6. In case anyone wants to know, the polish is my signature color, OPI’s Route Beer Float and it THE PERFECT SHADE for my entire wardrobe 365 days a year.

  7. Love the sandals! Cute!

  8. You’re rocking the shoes. And the Route Beer Float!
    Glad T’s on the mend…and that beach volleyball has waxed and waned.

  9. I feel so bad that I didn’t DO anything for you during your cooped up time, but I DID pray! You looked great on Sunday & I’m so glad that you & T. are able to get out now!

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