1. Cast off, cast on.

The long leg cast is off and a shorter cast is on. T’s bones are healing and X-rays didn’t reveal any complications. I was able to inspect the leg while they were switching casts and it didn’t look like there was too much muscle atrophy so that was a praise. His new cast is fitted with a shoe and the surgeon cleared him to begin weight bearing.

2. Hi-ho, hi-ho.

It’s off to therapy we go. We have two of our three weekly sessions behind us and Travis is working hard. I was pleased to see him be able to semi-support his weight for about 30 seconds at the end of the first session. He, sensing my approval, threw in a quick request to his favorite big box store as a reward and I complied.

It was for the children, you know.

3. Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Now that T is in a short cast, we are MOBILE. He and I went to the Farmer’s Market and came home with oodles of peaches, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I fired up the canner and spent most of last weekend making jams and jellies and relishes and syrups. Craig enabled me and bought a pressure canner and after saying a prayer to the canning gods and making sure that our insurance covered exploding pots exiting the house via the roof, I held my breath and pressured some yellow eyes and I’m happy to report that no Carpools were harmed in the making of the beans.

4. That Rocky theme song where he runs up the stairs.

I’ve been in training but not for myself. A lot of my days have been spent training my replacement and this week I turned her loose so she can run and be free and go leaping through the meadows and take all the phone calls and I am cautiously optimistic that by next week I will be out of the day to day stuff altogether and just be a phone-a-friend for when she needs help. Hooray!

5. Sept 10.

That’s the day Travis goes back to school and I get my computer back.


Have a nice day.







7 responses to “Words

  1. If I buy the produce, would you come here and can it for me;-)????

  2. Oh, so things are just as dull as ever, huh? πŸ™‚ So great to hear about T’s healing and strength returning. AND the short cast. Yay! Wish I were canning with you. Or at least…wish I were there chatting with you whilst you canned, and I could take some home. Gladdy mcgladdenstien that you’re almost to phone-a-friend status.

    • Ha! I’d give it all away because the joy’s in the journey for me. By the way, formal thank you note to come but I received a delightful package in the mail last night. I told C, “Yay! I have my very own recyclable bag that I can forget in my car just like Gretchen!!”

      I will hang it by the back door so I can take it with me on my daily Kroger runs.

      Sent from my iPad

  3. The canned goodies look wonderful! I wish I had the time and the patience. And the news on T is great! Glad to hear that he’s healing up well.

  4. Praying for T and for you as y’all take on the next “leg” of the race.
    Your family always makes me smile.

  5. Tell T that I think he is looking “FINE” in his new cast! I admire all your canning abilities, & the food looks so good. I use tomatoes & okra in veg. soup in the winter. If you need any fresh basil go pick it from my garden. I made lots of pesto for the freezer before I left, but there’s still plenty growing.

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