Random Randomness

I think it’s Wednesday.  The days are starting to run together.  I can’t believe Labor Day is just around the corner.  I would say this summer has been lost but it really hasn’t.  It has been lived, one moment to the next.

I’ve learned a lot in the last few months – that I still have the tendency to freak out overthink when life takes a left turn, that fear often masquerades as concern, that releasing control is often as simple as a making a decision to do so (and the sooner you make that decision, the better life gets), and, most importantly, that it is possible to live for weeks without seeing the inside of a HomeGoods.

The surgery and forced hibernation have been good for our budget.

Something the husband is sure to figure out any day now.


My workload has dropped tremendously and I’ve been filling the hours stocking the pantry for the next rainy day/hurricane/economic collapse/nuclear destruction.

I put up green beans, 4 quarts of crushed tomatoes, some tomato/celery soup starter, and several pints of okra and tomatoes.  Does anyone eat okra and tomatoes?  The only reason I put them up is because my grandmother did and it’s a way to feel close and connected to her.  Looks like it might be time to pull out some old cookbooks to look for ways to serve them.

Speaking of old cookbooks, I bought a 1959 General Foods Kitchen cookbook at the thrift store months ago and just got around to reading it.  Hours of entertainment, my friends.  I love seeing the different expectations of what constituted a proper meal back in the day and instructions to the man of the house on how to reheat leftovers if his wife was sick was in and of itself worth the $2.

I’m really sure he was interested in the line item that specified just how to place the parsley sprig on top of the bowl of mashed potatoes to make it a beautiful presentation.

And the PS that reminded him he needed to wash the dishes.

Some of the recipes looked interesting in a kitschy sort of way (tons of Jello salads, marinated salads and relishes, and tapioca pudding) and some looked rather icky (can’t imagine that cold, sliced, boiled tongue would go over too well in this house). I think this weekend we might have a 50s theme night and show the boys how things were done old school.

And on the school front, the boys are doing really well this year.  They’ve been turning in their assignments (it’s a miracle!) and have finally made the connection that 90s and 100s (instead of a zero) do wonders for a grade average.  We’re still dealing with some bullies (well, JJ is – no one messes with 6’3″ Tommy) and are tackling it by talking to teachers and by coaching the boys on how to stand up for themselves and for each other. I’m trying to speak confidence into them as much as possible and shower them with as much love as they’ll let me get away with.

I’ve told them they don’t have the option of not being loved by their mama.

I’m hoping it makes up for a multitude of parenting blunders.

Lastly, and in the “I have no segue for this” category, there’s a new winner in the strangest neighbor contest – – we’ve twice now seen a shirtless older gentleman riding his bike with a parrot on his shoulder.  And not a stuffed parrot, either.

I don’t know whether to applaud or call the mental asylum.  Either way,  he’s added some quirkiness and laughter to my life.

I hope your day is quirky and laugh-filled, too.

Have a nice day.



7 responses to “Random Randomness

  1. Ok – a man riding is bike shirtless with a parrot on his shoulder? Just the pure imagery that popped up in my head made me laugh out loud. Gracious!

  2. My only question is … does the parrot have a shirt?

  3. Do you remember what you were drinking just before you saw the half naked, bird on shoulder man?

  4. I have a great new recipe for chicken gumbo that could probably use the okra and tomatoes if you want it.

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  5. A month without HomeGoods? You are a strong woman.

  6. That guys comes into K-Mart with his parrot on his shoulder. He rides a bike there!

  7. OH, I love reading your posts! 🙂 And I’m so proud of your green beans! We planted 4 rows of them this summer. Twice. Last night I cooked every bean I’ve picked, It was enough for each of us to have a spoonful. Except Mikayla, who ate about 2. Beans.
    And our former elderly male neighbor used to mow shirtless and singing. Our favorite was when he circled his bush singing, “Here we go round the mulberry bush…”!

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