Five on Friday

1. Travis took his first steps.

We strapped him into a gait trainer the size of the U.S.S. Enterprise and with his therapist on one side and me on the other helping support his weight, he slowly, awkwardly criss-crossed and dragged his feet along the floor, collapsing into a chair halfway across the room.

It took what seemed forever and it was ugly. U-G-L-Y. So ugly that I had to fight back hot tears of complete and utter discouragement because hopeful vision is not always a strong suit and as I was trying to channel my inner Vince Lombardi and encourage T (who was sitting in the chair looking at me like “What just happened?”), the cheery little therapist who could probably bench press a bear smiled and said, “I liked what I saw!”

And I looked at her like she had three heads and was lying through all those teeth.

And then she looked at Travis and said, “Let’s get back up, Mister. You’ve got to get back to the therapy table.”

And the mama in me thought, “Hasn’t he had enough? Didn’t we just put him through what most people will never have to endure? Should we give him a little bit of break? Try later?”

Translation? I was really discouraged by that and I don’t want it rubbed in, please.

And my brave, heroic, tougher-than-nails kid got back up, buckled his seatbelt(s), and proceeded to take THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STEPS I’VE SEEN IN MONTHS. Still tentative, still small, but that leg swung straight and true.

Hope wrapped in a blue cast.

Oh, sweet friends.

Don’t let struggle and discouragement keep you from trying again.

And again.

And again.

2. Nothing.

3. Else.

4. Comes.

5. Close.

Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Just keep remembering that , when Jesus is in the boat, it cannot sink and no storm lasts forever. We are praying for you during this time of pain.

    Love, Dottie

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Yea! GO Travis GO!!
    We love you!
    Uncle Steve and Aunt Patty

  3. Now that you made me cry this morning I have to say I am so proud of Travis. It seems like when we are feeling down our children are there to remind us to never give up. Way to go Travis and thanks for the reminder.

  4. Lahoma Greenwood

    SO proud of BOTH of you!! Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Nana and Papi

  5. Tears of joy. God’s handprint is so beautiful. And I’m pretty sure your perky, little, strong PT was speaking nothing but Jesus when she said, “I liked what I saw!”. For He sees the heart of a boy, a boy to the world looks a bit broken on the outside–blue cast & all. But a boy whose steps of faith are as beautiful & true & straight as the steps he just took w/the PT. He saw a mama who has endured so much, but leaned into Hos strength for just a little more…And I’m pretty sure He saw the faith of a mustard seed, growing here in Seattle, weeping & praising Him for connecting us this side of Heaven.

    Praise you, Abba.

    Rock on, Sus.

    Travis, I’m pretty sure Target is calling.

  6. Oh how I love this post and your boy and your heart πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing!

  7. Love it! So happy for you and Travis! And awed by your transparency and genuine love. Have a blessed weekend, Mama-of-the-year!

  8. So proud of him. And you. And thanks for the encouragement!

  9. …. misty, but proud. Of him, and you. xo

  10. Fantastic moment for T and you! Hope is a powerful thing!

  11. Thanks for this. I have been wallering tonight, perspective appreciated.

  12. So wonderful to hear!

  13. Great post, great news! I know you are a proud mama.

  14. Glory to God, and high five to Travis, and chocolate to you. (and a tissue to me… that was a beautiful post, amiga)

  15. Yay! I can learn a lot from his persistence, courage, and kick-butt attitude.

  16. 1. GO TRAVIS!!!
    2. Love the Vince Lombardi reference πŸ™‚

  17. Just read this post & tho you know it would bring tears to Mr. M’s eyes, it brought them to my usually dry eyes. Just the persistence of Travis, the heart break of the mama, & the enduring love of our Father s enough to move anyone! So happy for all of you that you are seeing the harvest of the long process of all you have been through this summer!

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