Chatty McChatimus

I’m on my third cup of coffee, zippy with the adrenaline that comes from getting the kids to the bus stop with seconds to spare, and hopped up on sugar from this morning’s cinnamon toast so there’s no telling where this post will go.

Hang on.

We had a good weekend.  Craig told me we had a dinner engagement with some of his co-workers so I spent most of Friday afternoon flat-ironing unruly hair layers into submission and just as I was about to squeeze myself into the one pair of dress jeans that fit (see “cinnamon toast for breakfast” x many mornings), he walked in and said he had the date wrong and we were supposed to go out on Saturday night.  Not one to waste lipstick, I made him take me out anyway because SOMEONE was going to see the hair I spent thirty minutes fixing.

We took the boys for haircuts Saturday afternoon and then went to the park to hang out with Heather and her kiddos and by “hang out” I mean Heather and I chatted and were only vaguely aware of where our children were at any given time.

I just realized this picture makes us look like it’s rec time at the state pen.

The kids played on the jungle gym which technically was for kids up to the age of twelve but my boys are just barely thirteen so I was letting it slide.  The crazy lady who came and fussed at them for no reason must have thought Tommy was a little bit older than that.  I can’t imagine why.

Then we went home and showered and got ready AGAIN for the work dinner and met up with our party at Midtown Grill and don’t you know it KILLED ME to not whip out my camera and take pictures of my food for the blog but I had to act mature for Craig’s sake so I declined but if all those other people wouldn’t have been there, I’d have been all OVER the Berkshire pork chop with chipotle grits and summer vegetable ragout from about six different angles.

This week looks to be fairly manageable which is a welcome change.  I have a couple of school parent/teacher conferences, some physical therapy sessions, and Thursday the stitches get taken out of my shoulder. The kids track out at the end of the week which means that I need to start stocking the pantry for the 24 hour a day grazing which will immediately commence.

Those little urchins cleaned me out of an ENTIRE batch of snickerdoodles yesterday when they got off the bus.

This means war.

And now my coffee cup is empty which either means it’s time for a refill or I need to summon the wherewithal to say a quart is enough.  Thanks for stopping in to chat with me this morning.

Have a nice day.


7 responses to “Chatty McChatimus

  1. “I just realized this picture makes us look like it’s rec time at the state pen.”

    I don’t know how. I don’t know when. But, someday, you will go on the road as a stand up comic. ^^^ Priceless.

    Oh, & miss u. We are due a call. Or a transcontinental visit–whichever comes first.

  2. So, what are you and Heather in for?

  3. Oh, how I love a CPQ post!
    And oh, how I wish I could have somehow squeezed in a CPQ during my visit to the research triangle.

    Love you, friend!

    You make me smile.

  4. haha I love that you made him take you out so as not to waste your hair being done — I do that all the time with Adam too! 🙂 haha

  5. And by “all the time” I mean the every once in a while that I actually do my hair. Rare.

  6. You are just so creatively funny!

  7. Instead of “rec time,” I prefer “Rizzo and Sandy” watch the Thunder Road scene in Grease.
    Question of the day, though…who is Rizzo and who is Sandy?

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