In which I channel my inner Martha

My friend Adrienne Who Lives In The Comments pinned a cute art project on her craft board the other day and I immediately began obsessing.

photo snagged from southern belle/mountain bride

Craig says, “Wake up, little Susie!” most mornings as I’m fumbling for the handle on the coffee pot so I thought this would be a perfect little something to hang in the kitchen to bring a little cheer.

After a flat tire, three false starts/trips to Michael’s in vain search of vinyl cling letters which are NOT the same as stickers which I had to return because they STICK, a trip to Staples for said letters, and $38 in unrelated purchases at both stores, I was ready to start.

Side note: Before I married my husband, I changed my own oil and tires.  Then I got married and it’s the last time I touched my car.  He was out of town yesterday so I had to rally and figure out how to use the air compressor. 

Felt like Rosie the Riveter

While the kids were having their after school meals snacks of Ramen noodles and chicken linguine (apparently I didn’t pack enough lunch), I set up camp with my supplies.

I ripped this sheet of music out of a very old book and felt Don Victoriano, my 6th grade piano teacher, roll over in his grave.  I trimmed it to fit an 8×10 canvas and applied a layer of Mod Podge to the back to affix it.

Ranger Rick Crafty Tip:  Use the glue sparingly.  If it’s too thick, it will soak your paper and when you try to pull the vinyl letters up at the end of the project, it may tear the paper a bit.  Don’t ask me how I know this.

Next came the tricky part for those of us who aren’t, how shall I say it, DETAIL ORIENTED.  I had to place the individual letters to the canvas and while the staff lines certainly helped, the letters were super sticky and I had a hard time getting them off my fingers and aligning them properly so for about 10 minutes I looked like the cat whose foot got stuck on the masking tape and couldn’t shake it off.

Ranger Rick Crafty Tip:  Use tweezers.

Then came the easy part – I slapped on one coat of Cherry acrylic paint (50 cents, 30 if I had remembered my coupon) and then lifted up the letters while it was still wet (not sure if I should have let it dry or not – I was afraid the cling letters wouldn’t lift but next time I might let it dry to see if it helps with not lifting up the print) and, voila!

And in a perfect world/once I find a nail, this is where it will go.

But my house is rarely the perfect world hence this picture which is what my new art looked like sitting on the counter after I fixed an “easy, no-mess” supper of soup and sandwiches.

Just keepin’ it real.

Martha would be proud.

Have a nice day.

P.S. Tutorial for project is here.

8 responses to “In which I channel my inner Martha

  1. That’s it. I’m moving to NC. We need to be neighbors. And it makes me smile that Craig says that each morning. Love ya, Rosie.

  2. You can finish a craft AND make dinner in the same day?? You are awesome!! It turned out super cute and I can’t wait to make mine. I was going to use spray paint. It never occurred to me to use real paint. Hmmmm…

  3. you don’t need a nail, just a straight pin stuck into the wall at an angle. Works even for decent sized pictures.

  4. Well Hi There!!! Ranger Rick would be proud, if Ranger Rick were crafty…I am sure he is deep down inside. As a good music teacher I did cringe a bit at the sheet music being ripped out of the book. I just hope you don’t want to play Moonglow anytime soon 🙂

  5. Can you make me one that says “Hey Hey Paula” in Navy blue? 😀
    I have just enough wall space left in my bathroom for that size.

  6. I’ve been wanting to try that for my girls room, but can’t think of what to say since husband says it wouldn’t be nice to modge-podge a list of ultimatums. Cute’s cute, right?

  7. I love your project! And I actually remember that song… Of course, I love red, too.

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