Five on Friday

1.  Yesterday I had to attend a fancy lunch with Craig downtown. (For most people, it would just be called a business lunch but in Susie world  if it requires wearing pantyhose on a Thursday and eating salad comprised of something other than iceberg/romaine, it’s FANCY.)   My inner introvert was a little uncomfortable at the prospect of a room full of strangers so I took a friend with me.

My friend K gave me this bangle for my birthday last year and since I admire her ability to be at ease and make friends in any situation (or at least fake it beautifully), I took her along for moral support.

And at the meal I was fortunately seated next to a lovely older woman who had a gorgeous vintage mirrored box  purse so it wasn’t hard at all to find a way to strike up a conversation.

2.  Speaking of vintage, my parents will be amused by my latest find at the North Raleigh Mission Thrift Shoppe, a Samsonite Sherbrooke train case.

My mom had one (in gray if I’m remembering correctly) that she used for her makeup and jewelry when we traveled back in the day and when I saw this orange one on the shelf, I just HAD to have it.  It was only $8, in perfect condition – just needs a little airing out after having been stored in a closet for who knows how long-  and I can’t wait to take it on my next trip.

3.  I have GOT to devise a better strategy for keeping up with keys.  I am getting a *little* better about keeping up with my car keys but temporarily misplace the back door keys at an alarming rate and last night’s twenty-minute hunt officially sent my better half over the edge.

This may call for hightailin’ it to the nearest gas station to steal one of those wooden boards they use for the restroom keys.  Surely I couldn’t lose that, right?

4.  I’m skipping 4 today because I want to end on 5.

5.  I finally got the nerve to serve the family some of the green beans that I canned earlier in the summer and everyone woke up this morning not dead from botulism so that makes me happy.

Have a nice day.

11 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. LOVE the travel case – my mom had one too, also in gray I think. I always loved that – wonder now what she did with it. Thanks for the memory boost!

  2. Woke up not dead! Snort!

  3. hang a hook by the door you enter from the garage, train yourself to put your keys there

  4. When I was 10 and we moved from Washington, DC, to San Diego, my parents bought new luggage for the entire family. My mother and I were the only ones who also got the matching little cases JUST LIKE THAT ONE, only mine was hot pink. 🙂 I kept it for years–may have even used it when I went to Ecuador with the OBU group! Ha!

  5. You can definately call a no botulism day a success!! But what I want to know is did you have to look up how to spell botulism??

  6. I have a solution for the key issue! I’ll post a picture on facebook. LOVE the bracelet!!!!

  7. LOVE the orange case! What a fantastic find, makes me happy just looking at it. Such a practical size and won’t get squished while traveling with four men. Now you just need to find some vintage turquoise luggage to pair with it.

  8. What memories… For high school graduation I got a set of this luggage including the train case & the set was red! I have always loved red so that was what I asked for. So long ago that I don’t know what happened to it…

  9. I had this EXACT piece of luggage – in this exact bright orange color! I also had the matching LARGE (and heavy) hard-sided suitcase. My sister had a pink set.

  10. I also have a full set in pink & orange. Two suitcases + the train case.

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