Still kicking

Clearly, the kids are on break and my life has been overtaken by sleeping in, chauffeuring, cooking, and vacationing.

Oh, and dieting. Because I stepped on the scales after six months of pre-surgery, surgery, and post-surgery stress eating and it wasn’t pretty.

Discipline, thy name ain’t Susan.

This is our last week of track-out and we are going to spend it at the fair, the farmer’s market, and maybe a quick trip out of town, so I hope to be back next week in slightly more regular fashion. In the meantime, a list of the highlights of the last few weeks:

1. Hearing J remind Tommy (as Tommy sat on him, squishing him like a bug) that it was against the family rules to kill a sibling. Happy to hear that they do listen and apply their mother’s instructions.

2. Lunching with friends who are such an encouragement to me. They are older than I am and I cannot stress how valuable it is to spend time with women who have been down the road I’m walking.

3. Vacationing at the beach with the NotNeds. Head over to his blog (on my sidebar- Hidely Ho Neighbor) for the scoop and for pictures as to why the diet started the day after we got back.

4. Reading (and finishing) a couple of books just for fun.

5. Enjoying the change in season and watching the leaves turning color in the back yard.

Happy fall, y’all.

Have a nice day.


6 responses to “Still kicking

  1. Glad you’re still kickin’, as I always enjoy hearing about your kicks. Have you caught the Christmas crafting bug, yet?

  2. Well, me too…but these Advent calendars won’t make themselves. 🙂

  3. Well of course with triplets you have a no-killing-your-sibling-rule…duh. They were probably the last kids in their class to learn how to use scissors too 🙂

  4. Hope you had a fun time at the beach!

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