Five on Friday

I’m easing into Friday morning and by easing I mean running around like a madwoman getting the house picked up because the exterminator is due in a few minutes which means he’s going into EVERY room and I don’t know about you, but not every room in my house is always company ready.  On the bright side, the house will be semi-picked up for the weekend.

It has been a rough-ish week around Casa de Carpool.  I’ve had a bad cough that has been keeping me up at night and as a result I’ve been draggy through the day.  I’ve been choking down the Mucinex and some high-powered cough syrup from last year’s similar episode and I *think* I’m getting better, so that’s encouraging.

What’s discouraging is that my kids started back to school on Monday rested and refreshed and it appears that the kids who were bullying J last quarter also came back refreshed and ready to start in on round 2 with my boy.  He is a great kid – handsome, quirky, brilliant  – all wrapped in a gangly teenage body that is all arms, knees, and elbows.  And emotionally, he’s just like his mama.  He has a strong sense of justice, a quick temper, feelings that are easily hurt, and tears that spring up when he’s mad or embarrassed or hurt.  And these qualities, which are admirable because they make him the  beautiful child that he is and the wonderful man he will become once he learns how to harness them and put them in their proper place, just are not playing well with the middle school set.

I am addressing it with his teachers and school administrators (J finally told me who the boys were so they could do something about it), and we’re working with J,  coaching him on techniques to use to deflect and ignore them, but it’s hard when you’re thirteen and you can’t see a way out.  Please pray for him.  And for those boys who I really, really, really don’t like right now and they’d best not see me on the sidewalk.

So, with all that yuk in my head, heart, and lungs, I kinda’ want to crawl back in bed and start all over tomorrow.  But denial never got anyone anywhere, therefore we’re going to acknowledge, move on and seek joy in all circumstances.  And so today’s theme for the Five is:

Five Things That Made Me Happy Despite Mean Kids 

1.  My boys.

Yes, orange coke AND cotton candy for lunch. Thank you, Golden Corral.

2.  The Ring Toss game at the State Fair that I finally won after forty years of playing.

And yes, I picked the pinkest stuffed animal they had.

3.  Lunch with friends who challenge me to bring my A game to life.

4. Winning the Bible quiz in Sunday School and scoring some ornamental pumpkins as a prize.

5.  Surprises in the mail from a thoughtful brothers.  sister-in-law.

I noticed a package at the front door and assumed it was an Amazon delivery for my husband who takes full and frequent advantage of his Prime membership and was pleasantly surprised to see it was for me.  Inside the box was a handwritten note from my brother (save!save!save!) and sister-in-law and they gifted me this vintage cookie press that belonged to my grandmother.

I was already a little emotional about this beautiful act of love from my brother, sister-in-law (and I’ve said it a million times on this blog and I’ll say it a million more – I LOVE MY BROTHERS FIERCELY – AND MY SISTERS-IN-LAW) and then I opened the box and found a recipe card inside that made it all the more special and I pretty much bawled on the spot.

Mainly because it reminded me of my grandmother, but maybe, too, just a little bit because I don’t know exactly how much flour it will take to make a stiff dough.

Have a nice day.

Updated to reflect that it was Patty’s thoughtful idea to send me the cookie press and that Steve went along with it.  I laughed at the text I received from him where he made it very clear that he was happy to take the credit but it all belonged to her.  Thanks, Patty!


10 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. I’ll loan my Grum to you–call her. She knows exactly how much flour. xo

  2. You are often the one who elicits the first laugh of the day from me. Thank you, lovely lady, for getting my giggle box going!
    … oh, and maybe a tear or two as well…

  3. Middle school. Blech. Why are kids mean? Where are their parents??? I know some parents take a ‘boys will be boys’ attitude, but I’m willing to bet some would be shocked and mortified to hear their child was acting the bully. I will pray this is all resolved peacefully.

    What a fabulous, sweetly sentimental package to get out of the blue…my favorite kind! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  4. Sometimes I think as mommies we feel even more strongly about situations our kids are going thru than they do themselves. How to hadle those raw emotions when our kids are hurting is so very hard. I’ve been dealing with this myself and am trying so hard to “take every thought captive.” I have a younger one, a middle schooler and a high schooler. Some days I think I won’t be at ease until they are married. 😉 So sorry for what J is going thru.

  5. Stiff enough but not too stiff to go through the cookie press. Spritz cookies! Yum. Praying for JJ. I’m stealing your bible verse Jos1:9 for the lunch boxes.

  6. Look for other friends who can “help” him blow off/ignore the bully. They want an audience, but peer pressure to ignore or shut down can be pretty powerful too.

  7. Love your family. Praying for J.

  8. That was so sweet! I love grandma stuff. I have some too.
    Sorry about the kid challenges, I understand.
    Lots of love, grace and peace. xx

  9. You and I are much alike. I call my house Casa de Chaos. I have been coughing and hacking for a month. And I tear up when I see my grandparents peanut butter maker in my cupboard…they actually gave it to me long before they passed because they knew I’d be devastated if they sent it to Goodwill. As for the bullies, I’m so sorry for what your guy is going through and I hope the school gets that under control very, very soon. 🙂 I’m off to drop of the van for brakes and little jog home…guess I’ll stop at the store and buy peanuts. Its a great day for homemade peanut butter!

  10. This is totally weird, but try rubbing Vicks on your feet and cover with socks for your cough. Helps my kids when they have that nagging night time cough, because I just don’t like my sleep disturbed much anymore 🙂 So heart-breaking about the bullying, it always makes me wonder what’s going on at home in those boys lives. Loathe middle school Regardless, unacceptable and I’m sure we’ll encounter it at some point so I’ll be watching to see what works. Praying for a good day!

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