Monday Musings Without Visuals Because Technology Vexes Me


Oh, I had a delightful picture of last night’s salmon cassoulet  to share with you but my laptop isn’t seeing the new pictures on my iPhone and I don’t feel like taking 30 minutes to google, try to fix it, despair, try again, call my husband, and then be annoyed for half the morning.  So just imagine it was beautiful and delicious and healthy and eaten in the presence of my beloved on our date night while he secretly pined for the blue box macaroni and cheese that the boys were devouring back at the house.

And they saved him none.

Dejected, is what he was.

Also missing from this post will be the epic picture of the gentleman we saw at McDonald’s wearing a pair of Angry Birds UNDERWEAR for his lunch date with his wife.



I know this because of the flap in the front.

Yes, THAT flap.

And to complete the ensemble, it was paired with a matching t-shirt,  to-the-knee red AB socks (the cardinal), and a blue Member’s Only jacket that did not cover the part where the flappy thing was.

The flap, not the flappy thing.  That would have been cause for a call to Raleigh’s finest. 

Anyhoo, it was a sight to behold and added much mirth as I sipped my black coffee while my tribe inhaled copious amounts of French fries and I tried not to be bitter.

In other news, we’ve had a delightful few days.  Craig’s parents came into town to visit for a few days last week and since Craig had to work Friday/the boys were in school, I took them on a little excursion to the mall and to an antique shop.  The shopping gods tend to smile on me when my mother-in-law is around (she is most excellent to shop with as we have very similar taste) and I found some tops and leggings at J. Jill and then bought a couple of vintage cookbooks from the 40s at the antique store.

I now know how to cook opossum AND make the most of my war rations.

Our company left Saturday morning and the day was too beautiful to spend at home so we loaded up and ran errands, returning some items, getting haircuts for the shaggy beasts, and buying footwear for them so they’d have something to wear to church other than gym shoes.

And they still wore their gym shoes to church because even though we had an extra hour to sleep in, we were still screaming out the door five minutes late and I didn’t stop to see what anyone was wearing.

And a good time was had by all.

Have a nice day.




4 responses to “Monday Musings Without Visuals Because Technology Vexes Me

  1. Does ANYONE make it to church on time after that extra hour?

  2. When all else fails, email the pics (from your phone) to yourself, then access your email on your laptop.

  3. So when you fix the possum, make sure to post pictures

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