Five on Friday

So I hit publish and the entire first paragraph of my post didn’t show up so all of you that just got an email with a weird first paragraph are scratching your head.

That first paragraph was supposed to say that I am skippy this morning because my husband is back home and was available to keep me company this morning while I drank my coffee.

And when I say “keep me company”, that means he sits there and doesn’t talk to me until I get at least 3/4s of a cup down but it’s comforting nonetheless that I don’t have to suffer the dawn alone.

Melodrama, thy name is Susan.

Without further ado, I give you this week’s edition of Five and the theme is…drumroll…it has no theme.

1.  I’m still giggling about the man who wore his Angry Birds underwear to McDonald’s a few weeks ago.

2.  Speaking of angry birds, this old buzzard had a birthday last week.  (I don’t think he’s old, or a buzzard, but it’s the only way I could segue from the man wearing undies.)

You may not be able to tell from the blaze of candles that the cake is supposed to resemble one of his favorite places that he rarely sees.

The green on a golf course.

Oh, I kid. 

He’s a great golfer and sees the green often after the first drive. 

He did say I needed to leave the ball short of the hole, though.

And yes, that looks like a baseball diamond.

I ain’t quitting my day job to become the next Cake Boss.

3.  I’m a savory girl more than a sweets girl and it’s relaxing to be in the kitchen trying new recipes when the children aren’t home saying “Yuck, what is that?  Is that for supper?  Is it going to taste bad?  What’s that green stuff?  Are we going to have to eat it?  Can I have spaghetti/tacos/pizza/anything else besides that?” 

As an early birthday present that I hope he forgets he gave me so that I can double dip next month he bought me a 9 qt. oval Le Creuset casserole (I count lifting it as my workout for the day) and I put it through the paces this week with chicken cacciatore, sausage and kale soup, and Boeuf a la Mode which translates to “Too Many Steps to Wind Up With Plain Ole Pot Roast”.

Please ignore the grease spatters on the wall behind the cooktop. The previous owners inexplicably did not have a backsplash and we intend on putting one in but I am paralyzed by the tile options so we haven’t done anything to fix it.

4.  This was the scene in my living room at 10:30 last night as I helped a child finish three major assignments that were due this morning.

As mentioned before, Craig was out of town and I was having difficulty opening the Word document that this child had used at school and it was NOT working in Open Office which is what we use here at the house so we developed this two-computer strategy whereby he typed on my work laptop, and then because my work doesn’t allow me to install printer drivers, I then had to email it to myself, open in my personal laptop, convert it to a PDF file and then print it.

Somewhere, ImNotNed is shaking his head.

But it worked and we finished cutting, pasting, labeling and felt all victorious about slaying the homework beast.

Until this morning.

When said child walked off and left it all on the kitchen counter.


Because priorities.

5.  And in the schoolwork vein which makes me want to open one, I’ve been working on my own little “math problem”.

I completed the tests in this book over the last two days and am pleased to report that my elementary education has stood the test of time and I am SOLID on 2+2.

I am also solid on word problems containing percents as long as the example is clothing and sales.

Hmmm, wonder why that’s a skill?

On today’s agenda is diving into Prepping for the SAT  which I have a feeling will be a little more challenging proposition but we will fight on because EYE OF THE TIGER and RAH-RAH, and PHILIPPIANS 4:13 and GERONIMO!

Yes, my coffee was a little strong and in an extra-large cup this morning. 

Why do you ask?

Have a nice day.

10 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. You made that cake? Well done, good and faithful baker! The donut money vs homework made me giggle. Because it was you, not me. If it were me, I’d be eating way more cake in my angry birds boxers.

  2. Yeah…sales and pecent off are the only practical applications of any math I learned in school. Hey, I am a music teacher I only need to count to 4, and sometimes 6. Piece of cake.

  3. Being good at math does not a good mother make. Alternatively, being bad at math does not a bad mother make. You may have the little-known condition called HMA (high math anxiety) (seriously, look it up). “For someone who has math anxiety, the anticipation of doing math prompts a similar brain reaction as when they experience pain—say, burning one’s hand on a hot stove,” Since I don’t know how to link up like imnotned, here you go. This makes me feel sooooo much better about myself.

  4. You just tickle me! I hope that I grow into the Mom who studies so I can help Tot if/when he needs it later. You are inspiring. And hilarious.

  5. Nice to catch up with what you’ve been doing through your very busy week – I’m just very glad my days of helping kids with maths homework is now over – although come to think of it, the grandies use an internet program for their maths homework – who would have thought?? Blessings!

  6. I love strong coffee.
    But, even more than that..I love it when you drink strong coffee.

  7. I love the cake : ) The previous owners here also lived without a backsplash and as a temporary fix (three years ago) I put a large tray against the walls. It’s from Windsor Castle and it makes me happy plus I can take it down and wash it which is so much easier than cleaning a backsplash.

    Have a great week!

  8. I just shared the first picture w/Mr.M and he said to tell you that if you ever see him out in his Mr. Potato Head’s to call ME & let me know that he has escaped from the reservation.

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