Monday Musings: The post-Thanksgiving Edition

Well, this morning I had great intentions of showing you scenes from last week that included snapshots of raw chicken (fun!), cookie dough, puppies, the inside of my *pristine* car, Velveeta slices and Ritz crackers, and mounted deer heads.  Those were happier days, my friends, as my beloved and I shared some much needed vacation time with our boys in the mountains celebrating Thanksgiving with Craig’s family.

It’s not you, the picture is blurry. 

Because I keep things HIGH QUALITY here on this blog.

Oh, and yes, those are new highlights.  A little blonder than I thought they’d be but soldiering on.

ANYHOW, that picture captures a happy moment when we were blissfully unaware that 250 miles away, our water heater had burst and was leaking water into our master bedroom closet, one floor below.


We got home around 6:30 Saturday night and when I walked into my room to drop off our suitcases, I smelled something off, kinda’ like stale cigarette smoke.  I got very nervous that someone had recently been in there and did a quick check to make sure everything was still in its rightful place but nothing seemed amiss and I went back to helping unload the car.  Every time I walked in the room, though, I would catch that scent and it unsettled me.  About an hour later I heard Craig yelp from the back of the house.  He, being the responsible one, had gone into the closet to put clothes away instead of letting them sit in suitcases for two weeks at the foot of the bed as I am wont to do  and he’d stepped smack dab onto a big squishy mess of soggy carpet.

Talk about your sickening feeling.

We raced upstairs and, sure enough, there was water on the floor at the base of the heater.  So I did what I always do when faced with problems outside of my area of expertise.

I screamed and called my daddy.

Because he could be right over, being 1,500 miles away.


Anyway, he gave some good advice which I didn’t have the equipment to implement so I did the next thing I do when faced with crisis.  I bring in reinforcements because who doesn’t want to be social in times of trouble?

That’s my sweet neighbor Jerry who helped us out by lending a couple of very long garden hoses so we could drain the tank.


He was double sweet because he didn’t say anything about what a DISASTER my house was nor did he fuss about missing the South Carolina-Clempson game playing on the TV at his house which was kinda’ important to him since his money and his son went to South Carolina.

And never mind that he did all this when it was about 28 degrees outside and we had to leave the door open so we could get the hose out the front door.

Festive, is what I’m saying it was.

So, here we sit 36 hours later with the water shut off in our house (because the water supply valve on the heater is faulty which we found out after we’d drained the tank and found it filled again the next morning) but before we turned it off we filled bathtubs and pitchers and threw the kids in the shower where they finally learned the meaning of 3 minutes (funny how cold water hastens their time management).  The repairman is scheduled to come this afternoon so we are making do and I’m enjoying a break from the cooking and dishes with paper plates, Solo cups and takeout Chinese.

And that cookie dough picture from last week I was going to show you?  Well, let’s just say with all the time I have on my hands NOT doing laundry, I’ve got some time for these:

Yes, there are many things for which to still be thankful.

Family, daddies, neighbors, ServiceMaster who makes Sunday calls, cookies,  and insurance.

Have a nice day.




5 responses to “Monday Musings: The post-Thanksgiving Edition

  1. I believe the saying in your neck of the woods goes something like, “Bless your heart!” Come to think of it-that’s what comes to mind in my dialect, as well. Rx: wine.

  2. Oh ugh. On the bright side, those cookies look delicious!

  3. OH NO!!! Sorry y’all had a rough end to your weekend. Very thankful that it wasn’t worse!

  4. Nothing wrong with calling your father; I’ve been out of the house for years, have husband in the house and I’ll still call my dad; (He was a plumber in his early years.)

  5. does this mean you will need to do some serious clothes shopping to replace all the outfits in your closet that were ruined in the water heater debacle?

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