Five on Friday

1.  It’s early release for the kids so I’m screaming around getting errands done this morning before they come home at noon.  It’s our tradition to eat a celebratory lunch at their favorite fast food place on the days they get out of school early and let me tell you, that’s one tradition they never fail to remind me of when the day rolls around.  They were already plotting in the driveway before the bus arrived this morning and I have a suspicion it will involve me driving to three places before it’s all said and done because despite my best efforts at uniformity and conformity, they each have a different favorite.

2. Speaking of favorites, I found an old favorite and a new favorite candy at the store this week.

photo (20)

I remember finding and eating these as a child in the ever-present candy dish at my grandmother’s house and when I saw the bag at Walmart, I had to buy them.  Since all of my grandparents have moved to Heaven, I love including reminders of them at the holidays.

I also happened upon a bag of Candy Cane Hershey Kisses that managed to spontaneously fall into the cart and I think I’m going to have to go back and get another bag or six of them because OH MY WORD are they tasty.

photo (21)

3.  Speaking of tasty, I pulled out the once-a-year bucket o’ lard yesterday for a batch of carnitas.

photo (15)

photo (16)

I had a little extra time before dinner and thought I’d try a new recipe for homemade flour tortillas but after they turned out burned, doughy, and sized for a Barbie doll tea party, I decided that grocery store Jose Ole was perfectly acceptable.

photo (17)

The children were relieved.

4.  Speaking of the children, one of them was surprised and slightly annoyed that three minutes notice before the bus came was not enough time to produce a top hat, a cloak from the 18th century and a walking cane for a Scrooge costume for his class play.


5. Speaking of Scrooge, I was miserly and shopped my house, attic, and cupboards for Christmas decorations for the dining room this year.

photo (14)

My grandmother made this bear for me (and each of my 19 cousins) and he has a place of honor every year.  The box held a candy gift years ago and I’m a bit of a depression baby and don’t throw things out so each year I just wrap ribbon around it to match wherever it happens to land.

photo (19)

I bought the apothecary jars last year at Homegoods and have used them a thousand ways to Sunday.  Just a few days ago they held a collection of leaves and acorns and were on the fireplace mantle.  A quick wash and dry and they’re ready for their new purpose:  to make me fat.

photo (18)

The centerpiece is leftover bits and pieces from floral arrangements (never throw out a floral stem) topped with ornaments that didn’t make it onto the tree, the silver chargers are from an auction steal 10 years ago, and the plates from the fire sale when Linens and Things went out of business.

And after I decorated it I remembered that I wanted to use that table to serve food for an upcoming party and I’ll have to disassemble everything.

Bah! Humbug!

Have a nice day. 


4 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. …produce a top hat, a cloak from the 18th century and a walking cane…

    See, there’s another reason you need to move back closer to us. I would have had you covered on these.

  2. Love your Christmas decorations. I’ve seen such apothecary jars just one too many times now and I’m going to have to buy the next ones I see! Have a wonderful lunch with the boys!

  3. ‘to make me fat’…hilarious!

    Now, I’m craving the candy cane kisses. thank you.

    Very impressed with ‘shopping the house’…lovely Christmas decor!

  4. The dining room looks LOVELY!! And I want those apothecary jars!!!! I’m so printing out that pic and putting it on my Christmas list (which will thrill my husband seeing how right now the list is only blue wash cloths and Pyrex measuring cups)
    Costumes: I got half an evening’s notice to make a “Little House on the Prairie”-esque costume. She was so lucky that I had a stash of fabric for a skirt and apron and amazingly helpful neighbors who happened to own a bonnet! Only so she could home from school that next day and tell me that she got the day wrong…it was Monday of the *next* week.

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